Friday, May 30, 2008


Firstly, this blog maybe the last big entry for a month with the 50k in 30days starting on Sunday, but I will give updates on the progress.
Before that i would love to share some pics of last weekend at Dingo Flats. the whole family, inc, brother inlaws family and grandparents alike, we all trecked out in our 4x4's for the day out. It was beautiful and bleeping FREEZING!
The whole day was hilarious as no one contemplated how cold it actually was going to be.
Let me tell you, there was ice in those winds.
But all in all, the day was magnificent and the small waterfall that fell in to this picturesque lagoon was something out of, well, you know. It was out of one of our books.
It's places like these that give you inspiration and ideas. Heck, I actually want act out some of the ideas that had conjured in my mind. Whoo Whoo!
I've been surfing the blogs of our fellow writers and it seems as though some of us are feeling the guilt of either spending too much time with our families and not enough time on our writing, or visa versa.
And don't think i haven't been guilty of these thoughts, because i have. But I've come to the conclusion that it's a blessing to have our families and i think you would regret the time you didn't have with them if they were suddenly taken away from you. Writing is a part of you, i enfesise, a part of you. Not all you are, and yes, thinking this way may take you longer to get to your goal of being published. But i assure you, when you are published and successful and then look around you to see your children have grown so much or your husband is feeling neglected or you realise how little time you have left with the elders of your family (no matter how annoying they may be at times) you will regret missing out on life with them.
I'm not saying back right off, but I'm saying give some time back to your loved ones, they need your attention too.
This all being said after i said, sorry honey but no telly time with you for the next month. hehe.
Actually we're going on a motor bike ride out to Dorrigo and staying out there for the night, this is the first night in a motel without children for us. Holy cow.
Any how, think about what I've said and i hope it helps all those that are struggling with the passion of writing and their families.
Love to you all and happy writing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time, time, time. where can I buy some.

Times running out!
I cant believe it, there's so much to do and I'm nervous as hell. I havent been getting much of my work done at all. Life is like this fog that blankets itself around me and I'm still on high beam trying to figure out why i can't get any of it done.
Boo bloody Hoo!
I must admit it's also due to laziness, i hear you gasping in shock. But alas, it's true.
But you know what? it's people and news like Suz that keep me going or trying at the very least. also my RWA mags. Bless their hearts.
I hope I'm up to the challenge of 50k in 30days. I do believe I'm mad enough for it. After all, writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. That's a quote from E.L.Doctorow
Whether it be true or not, it explains alot. lol
Hopefully i will hear how i went in the VP contest to boost my confidence.
any way, i wish you all well
Happy writing

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Firstly, lets do some congratulating.

Congrats to Suz with the progress her book 'Passion In Paradise' is going. Check out the new cover on her web. (I'm green with envy. boohoo)

And Congrats to Rach and expecting. It's always so beautiful hearing about another life coming into the world.

I'm so sorry about disappearing for the last couple of weeks. With the kids home I love spending the time with them. We had a Harry Potter Day where my ten yr old was shocked that i could make popcorn without a popcorn maker or a microwave. She thought it was old fashioned to make it on the stove, BUT did say that it was the best popcorn she'd ever had.
We also had a reading day. We are all big readers, where i read a new thriller and my ten yr old read The Big Big Big Book Of Tashi and my eight yr old read every care bear book she could find.
We made a digital life photo album for my mum for mothers day, starting from her wedding day right through to now. It was beautiful. We put great music in the back round. It put a tear to all our eyes. I'm sure she'll love it.
But apart from those we just pent time together. The other two couldn't make it but we missed them greatly. Sigh.

Sadly, i didn't get much writing or editing done. Dont tsk tsk though, I did think of a good idea for my ms for the 50k in 30day challenge.
Oh dear, that's fast approaching too. Eek!

I better get to it

Happy writing all