Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pitching to Sarah Fairhall, Commissioning Editor for Penguin

It was absolutely and without exaggeration a party in my mind when I saw that Sarah Fairhall, commissioning editor From Penguin was in the line-up of editors to be accepting pitches at 2012 RWA conference at the GC.
I’ve slaved over my characters and their story for over a year now and I’m almost halfway through the third book in the series but was ready to pitch the first hoping that it would catch on like a cold and Sarah Fairhall would feel compelled to take it on―no, scratch that―snatch my series from my very hands or computer as it were because I have exactly what she asked for.
This was the dream for August, until today when life threw me a curve ball and conference just wasn’t meant to be.
That’s right guys; I’m not attending this year after all. But don’t be saddened or disappointed by the loss of opportunity unless you’re referring to the opportunity of seeing me that is. Lol. No I’m referring to the loss of pitch to Sarah because- 
I have said over and over again in many a blog including mine that I have gotten this far by not giving up and I’m sticking to that philosophy, I will find a way to pitch to her even if it’s merely a query latter on her email.
The point I’m making is that when life…wait what’s that saying? ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Ah, I don’t think that’s quite it but I’m sure you get the gist and to stress my standpoint again because it has to be the best piece of advice I will ever give without doubt- Never, ever give up!!!!!

...Sarah Fairhall, look out for my email.

Happy writing and reading

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taking Back His Widow & Nudging Cupid Book Winners

Congratulations to two lucky winners from the competition on The Book Boost
this week and I want to thank everyone who took the time to enter, even the ones who already have one a copy of my novels in the past.
You rock!
But this time 

Nudging Cupid

goes to
 Kathleen O


Taking Back His Widow

goes to
Annalise Grey

Congratulations Ladies and I hope you enjoy. 
I'll contact you ASAP

Happy reading

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Latest List of great reads by Liz Reinhardt, Karly Lane and Elizabeth Reyes

Well I'm baaaaack!
Yes, the operation was a success and lets not mention the downtime was awesome because I have read over 6 books. Holly hell, yup SIX!
So I thought I chuck in a brief review (no spoilers- I hate spoilers) to them all because they are all great ones.

Firstly I started with The Moreno Brothers series
I have to say that the first two were my favs by far and a definite page turner giving me the love at first sight and the sizzling old passions resurfacing and lets not mention the hot brothers! I loved the sub-characters and the bond of family. Sweet Sofie, I giggled like crazy as she started this book from an early age especially Romero who plays a very funny goof-ball with a potty mouth.
I commend you Elizabeth for each book in this series was different, read differently, felt differently and made me love them all differently. There's nothing worse than reading a series where each book is the same.


Now do not think for a second this next one is on my list just because she's my best gal, but Karly Lane has done another wonderful job for the Australian Authors with Morgan's Law
I am not a rural romance reader, don't judge me!
Yet this author always has me giggle and freak out for the characters. I felt for the community that struggled in the downturn of a cotton industry and farming and felt right at home beside her hero who I have to say makes me drool just a little bit.
Karly takes a city girl who would never imagine life without decent coffee, expensive cars and beautiful clothes fall for cowboy hats, boots, steak and potato and  the look of a man who doesn't use moisturiser, lol.
Bring it!


I'm in the middle of the third book in this series and another must read- The Brenna Blixen Novels
Liz has had me in angst right through this series for all three characters. It has been a while since I have fallen in love with one boy and hated that I loved the other too. Well done Liz..I hate you!
Its a love at first sight....for two boys, yup, two but not in the same whay and because I hate spoilers I can not say anything else except it is truly a series you will enjoy if you like a good YA mature series.
Thank you Liz.

Well that's it for me right now and believe me I have and still am enjoying my run of great novels, keep them coming!

Happy reading and writing

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Monique who receive a copy of Nudging Cupid 
Kooks who receives a copy of Taking back his widow

Wendy who receives a $10.00 Amazon voucher.
Congratulations ladies, email me and I will send forth your gifts and thank you for taking the time to play and read!

Congratulations to the winners of my 4 day comp. Out fifty-four people who have taken the plunge and popped over here, only three left their names. This is a very good lesson in why it's important to leave comments and if you can't leave an email. I do want to thank a few other friends and readers who did share via facebook, you know who you are and I appreciate EVERYONE who participated and supported.

Happy reading and writing,