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Beyond Books Blog Tour-Kerri Williams

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NOTE: there are some major prizes to be won.

So the question on your lips is....
is there really any other hobby beyond the books in my life?
Surprisingly, yes. (although, I'll admit, it still involves books in some way. LOL)

When I read or write, but especially when I read, I love listening to music and finding songs to suit.
It may be a song for a character, scene or even the whole essence of the story; I feel it.
Since I drive 30 min to work and back everyday, I tend to do this. I love my music, but LOVE picturing the current book I'm reading as well.
For example, I read my awesome author mate, +Katja Millay 's book The Sea Of Tranquillity and  thought of Josh while I listened to Breakeven by The Script. (click on song for youtube song and lyrics)
Massive fan of Avett Brothers January Wedding even though there's a banjo in it. Thanks to my bud, Colleen Hoover.
And don't laugh or sigh, but for Twilight when it first come out and there was no soundtrack, I actually  thought Taylor Swift Love Story was going to be on it. LOL The lyrics really didn't really reflect the story, but what it made me feel did. Customers would catch me singing it at work. I was addicted.
With my novels, for example, in The Moore Justice Trilogy- I have a playlist which inspires me and keeps me in the mood of the book. The songs and lyrics get right into my heart and I can feel my characters.
I guess when you put two pieces of of peoples souls (a persons music and another's words/book) in one thought, it bleeds right into you.
Check out some of the play list below to see what I'm getting at and maybe try it out yourself.

Matt Corby really gets to my soul

Anyhow, I think you get my point.
Try it with what you're reading now. Put some music on and see if any of them have you thinking of what your reading or writing.
I've decided that I'm going to give away a copy of my playlist cd or itunes that inspire me with The Moore Justice Trilogy to some lucky winners or winner + a playlist of a book of your choice +
a kindle copy of the first two novels from The Moore Justice Trilogy + a copy of my wingman Karly Blakemore-Mowle's latest book, Blindsided + but wait there's more...bahahahaha) a spot on my blog to post whatever you want.
To enter simply follow the links below and good luck!

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$1.99 Christmas Sale, 12 Authors selling

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everybody!
Do you have a kindle?
Are you getting one for Christmas?
well, grab some of these books, hell, grab all of them for this price.
12 awesome authors, including me (LOL) have brought their novels down in price for three days only. Jump over to

An Indie Affair blog to grab your bargains on the

 24, 25 & 26 

of this month.

(I'll remind you on the days, too. So don't panic that you have the mind of Dory and will forget like me)

The Moore Justice Trilogy
Hunger For Justice&
Heart For Justice
Blood of Justice will be available January 2013
Happy Reading and writing

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HEART FOR JUSTICE #2- It's out, it's here, it's hot and available to download.

It's out, it's here, it's hot and available to download.
That's right, HEART FOR JUSTICE the second novel in The Moore Justice Trilogy is on the virtual shelf and already making great sales and reviews.
With more twists, turns, suspense and lets not forget the irrevocable love between Claire and Talon, Heart For Justice is the read for any reader above 15 years of age.
I'm thinking, readers truly enjoyed the first novel, HUNGER FOR JUSTICE.

A lot’s happened since Claire’s world turned upside down. No longer alone and now an enrolee in the NSW Police Academy, things are finally turning around. Claire hasn’t given up on her quest for justice; she’s allowing herself to share her life while perusing it. But when a call for help comes in from her friend Jess whose been attacked and isn’t the first victim, her plans are placed on hold. With her officer boyfriend, Talon by her side Claire’s set on a new quest to find out who the serial rapist of Lakes End is before he strikes again and Jess can finally feel safe. But what happens when Claire is forced to face some truths she had hidden long ago? 
Can her heart let go of the need for vengeance to make room for love of her life.

Happy Reading

Thursday, December 13, 2012

to wait or not to wait when publishing a series

Alright, for those who don't know (I believe you might be leading a sheltered life) I have a trilogy in the process of publication.
Now I had painstakingly bled my life  into these three novels for the last year and a half (yeah, yeah. Quite possibly a exaggeration there) with the idea of releasing them all at once merely because I'm an impatient woman when it comes to reading a series and love reading them back to back. I thought that, surely I ma not alone in this. However an awesome Beta reader asked me why I had decided upon this action and suggested I ask my friendly online book club. So I did and low and behold, they say I should hold it off.

Some even said three-six months. I was very much shocked by this and thought to myself that I couldn't hold back for that long. In the end I held on for six weeks. LOL. 

It's killing me!

But it's only one week and one day and twenty six minutes away so I'm gritting my teeth.

Now saying all this, let me add here that since release, some of my readers have changed their minds and after reading the first novel, HUNGER FOR JUSTICE, they would like me to release the second novel of the trilogy, HEART FOR JUSTICE, because they can't wait.
So, this leaves me quite unclear as to what to do with the last novel of the series, BLOOD FOR JUSTICE. I would really love to release it earlier and if I could bribe my editor to let me I would have it out within the week of novel Two.
What do you think?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DAZZLE blog tour- Amber Garza.

I'm quite delighted to be the host today for Amber in her blog tour for her latest novel, Dazzle.
Check it out!

Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfil  However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her t
he life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own. Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything.

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

Recommended Age Group
13 and Up

355 Pages

Amber Garza

Average Rating
5 of 5 Stars

What The Characters Are Saying
I stay with Sam even though I know it's all wrong. No one else makes me feel the way he does. It's as if when I'm with him something dormant in me comes alive. -- Delaney

Falling for Delaney would completely ruin everything. But there's just something about her, you know? She's different than I expected. She has a way of getting under my skin, despite my best efforts to keep her at a distance. -- Sam

She can help him find redemption. He can give her the life she wants. But falling in love will change everything. -- Sam and Delaney

Barnes & Nobles

The Author
Amber Garza

Amber Garza has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. Other than writing she is addicted to coffee, candy and reading. She lives in California with her husband, and two children.

Barnes & Nobles Author
The Schedule
December 1
A Little Bit of R&R

Happy reading

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bound Together- Author spotlight with Marie Coulson and giveaway

 BLURB Layla Jennings is a fiery, independent and level headed nineteen year old. Always playing by the rules and doing what’s right, she has been the apple of her father’s eye and her mother’s treasure. But moving to college in Long Beach is about to turn Layla’s world upside down. With the gorgeous, pierced, guitar playing, wannabe rock star Oliver living across the hall, Layla finds herself thrown into a world of music, money, torn friendships and blood simmering sexual tension.
But on taking a job in a local coffee shop she meets the deliciously handsome Jared Garrett. Convincing herself that he is a waste of oxygen she tries to put the young successful business man out of her mind. But when he continues to show up she finds herself constantly thinking of him. Dazzled by his boyish good looks and discovering a whole new world of carnal and erotic pleasures, Layla finds herself falling head over heels in love but with Jared hiding a vital secret can she ever truly trust him?

Please welcome the fabulous and maybe a little naughty, Marie Coulson.
This is her first novel, and what a bang it is.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a writer.
Born and raised in England I’m trainee therapist by day. But by night I’m Marie Coulson. Writer. I’ve always been the creative type. Painting, cooking, poetry and even writing songs, but it wasn’t until I left my job in August 2012 that I actually sat down and wrote. Bound Together was a story I had plotted over 3 years before and with time on my hands, it was begging me to write it.

Are you an Indie author or traditionally published?
I’m a self-published indie author.

How do your stories come to life, from fiction or fantasy?
I would have to say a little of both. There are even some aspects of truth there. Mostly its fiction. The story and the characters are all their own but the erotica? That maybe a little fantasy on my part.

Lol, it has to be one of the top ten questions I’m asked. Where I get my sex scenes from? I still blush, Marie.

Are you a ‘go with the flow’ writer or do you have structure?
I’m a ‘go with the flow’ girl. I know roughly what’s going in and where but the rest just comes. By the time I got half way through Bound Together, the characters were practically writing themselves! They did things I loved and hated and it felt very real. They were a big part of my life and still are.

Have you always wanted to be a writer or did you want to be something else?
I started out in Childcare and Education. I then worked in caring for the elderly before I embarked on my career as a therapist. Writing has always been something I loved though and to call myself an author is amazing to me.

There are times where I think people actually don’t believe me when I say I’m an author. I love it too.

What groups are you affiliated with and how have they helped you through your journey of publication?
I belong to an incredible top secret Facebook group. The BA. They are amazing. Talked me off the ledge and supported me through the writing and they continue to do so as well as promoting the book. I also have some amazing blogs on board. I’m pleased to call their owners my friends.

God bless their cotton socks. The BA are some of the most a-mazing peeps I know.

How much marketing do you involve yourself in and with the mass consumption of social media, does this play a part in your marketing choice?
Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and I also have a merchandise shop. I don’t really use it as marketing, more connecting with my readers. I have a great P.R rep. Karen is amazing.

Ooh, I need one of those. Karen > wink wink.

Here’s a random one for you. If you could be one animal, which would it be and why?
A cat. Well, more importantly, my cat. She has a great life. Double beds to lounge on and she’s spoiled rotten.

What would you say is your inspiration to write in general or writing a particular scene?
Music plays a BIG part in my writing. There are hundreds of songs on my IPod and all have inspired some aspect of the writing I do. The rest can be drawn from life, experience and even watching people around me.

Dear god, you’re my twin. I totally know where you are coming from there.

Tell me about how you came up with your title and cover?
The title was something I played with a lot. But in the end it seemed fitting. I chose three different titles and got a group together. I asked them to pick which they liked best. Bound Together was the winner. Considering the bondage in the book it also seemed fitting. It has a practical and emotional sense. The cover was designed by Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations. She’s a genius.

True that! Sarah did my covers too and many others I know. Freaking genius!

Do you have any tips for other aspiring writers or authors out there?
Write. Even when you think you suck and cannot write another word, write. But write what you want to read. Don’t write for others. It’s your story to tell.

So, I think we’ve gotten to know you a little now. How’s about we step it up a notch. Are you panicking? Lol. Do you have any dirty little secrets or confessions you’d like to share with us- what’s on the blog stays on the blog, right guys. (wink)
Dirty confessions. Hmmmm. There’s a scene in the book that is all truth. I won’t say which but I do love my heels.

Insert hand over mouth here> Now I wont be able to read it without thinking, is this the scene? bahahahahaha

Where’s your favourite place to write?
My bedroom. I prop myself up on the bed and get the laptop out. I get cosy under a blanket with the cat asleep at my feet. Bliss.

Tell us of your releases- where and when can we buy them?
Bound Together is available now on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle. You can also purchase from Smashwords.
The sequel is set to release Spring 2013.

In one word, how would you best describe yourself?
British. (enough said) Lol.

Yup. Lol. I love you Brits, Stephen Fry is freakin awesome. (hmmm, I hope he is British)

Now that we’re all friends, tell us your most embarrassing moment?
When I was in high school I got caught making out with the lead guitarist of our band…by his mother. She was working there and caught us in the band practice room. I never did find my bra. I should ask him about that…..

Bahahaha, crack up. I’m sure his mother had probably seen worse.

Do you have any upcoming signings or author appearances you would like to share?
Not at this time. Being in the UK it’s harder for me but I am hoping to visit the states next year.

Oh, I’d love to do that.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?
Just that I am so amazingly grateful to all the readers and bloggers who have helped make my dream a reality. I am truly blessed to have them all.


Well Marie, thank you so very much for sharing all that with us and I wish you well on your blog tour.
If you would like to learn more about Marie and her work, go to her website or facebook page!/authormariecoulson?fref=ts

Happy reading 

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A Song For Julia- launched today

I just got my copy and I am absolutely pumped.
Now you remember my loving rant on how awesome Just Remember To Breathe, well this is by the same author.

Everyone should have something to rebel against.

Crank Wilson left his South Boston home at sixteen to start a punk band and burn out his rage at the world. Six years later, he’s still at odds with his father, a Boston cop, and doesn’t ever speak to his mother. The only relationship that really matters is with his younger brother, but watching out for Sean can be a full-time job. The one thing Crank wants in life is to be left the hell alone to write his music and drive his band to success.

Julia Thompson left a secret behind in Beijing that exploded into scandal in Washington, DC, threatening her father's career and dominating her family's life. Now, in her senior year at Harvard, she's haunted by a voice from her past and refuses to ever lose control of her emotions again, especially when it comes to a guy. 

When Julia and Crank meet at an anti-war protest in Washington in the fall of 2002, the connection between them is so powerful it threatens to tear everything apart.

Charles will give a lucky commenter a digital copy of his first book JUST REMEMBER TO BREATE. Both books are stand alones, however some of the characters from JRTB are in A SONG FOR JULIA.  
Winner will be selected 12/07/12 via rafflecopter.

Click here to enter

 I didn't want you to miss the reveal and launch that happened today.
Happy Reading

Monday, December 3, 2012

Publication by a microwave minute kills Kerri Williams

Urban dictionary definition of a Microwave minute:

Microwave minute

July 1, 2010 Urban Word of the Day
When time slows down while waiting for you food to heat in the microwave. Known side effects are increased hunger, slowing of all the clocks in your house and walking around aimlessly trying to kill time. The microwave minute has the ability to slow time turning one minute into what feels lime an hour.
Kus(9:00 pm): dude when are you gunna get here??
Ryan(9:00 pm): I'll be there in a microwave minute.

Kus(9:00 pm): aight g. Ill see you at 10:00!

Oh how true is this. Although I must say that when i decided to go indie with The Moore Justice Trilogy I couldn't believe how fast and in control it felt opposed to the traditional path I took with my previous novels.
Nevertheless, now as I not only wait for approval over my print version to come through (which I might add was the most frustrating hours of my life, no thanks to text that can not be embedded into create a space books and formatting. Grrr) Back to it- but I am also tapping my foot waiting for the second novel in the trilogy to come about. 
Who thought six weeks would feel like forever. NOT. ME
So I keep checking my email for the illusive go ahead on my print version and checking my counter above for release day of Heart For Justice and I swear it is getting longer. I can almost build a god-damn house in this time. Okay, maybe not ME, but I could direct someone. I could have written another book (albeit a novella) I could have gone around the damn world.  
Freakin microwave minute x six weeks feels like pregnancy for a bloody elephant.
Now Dr, Carl has an explanation for the microwave minute and apparently it's all in our heads, but I'm telling you right now, time has slowed down.
I'm going nuts waiting!

What else can I do in a microwave minute? 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Edge Of Never Review

I had to wait 24 hours before I could review this gut wrencher. No Joke.
Now, please don't give up when you think the beginning is a tad slow- believe me, it gets better. Like, WAY BETTER.
I have a new boy book crush in Andrew and I must say that I now need a new tat.
The sexual tension is high-man is it high and when it's on it's H.O.T!
Now this is where the peak of my emotions step in because there was a time I text a friend who had read it already and I asked in a panic if .........was going to happen and she said to just keep reading, so I did.
Then the next epic moment happens and the tears begin and peeps they didn't stop.
I couldn't even see the freakin words and I was wiping my face like it was heavy rain.
My father in-law pops in at this stage and there I am in my pyjamas still with a tangled mess in my hair and my eyes are blood shot. "What's wrong?" he asks in concern and I do the lip quiver and say, "it's this book I'm reading." It was like I grew another head was the look on his face. He's not a reader so he doesnt get it.
Anyway, he leaves and I jump right back into the gut wrenching pages and begin to sob again to a point where (and I'm sure once you read it , you will know) I have to put it down and I think I will never pick it up again, go online and post to my BA bookgroup and An Indie Affair facebook group that I hate them all for recommending this read. But my intrigue does me in and I pick it up and continue and I am so very glad I did. SO. GLAD.
The Edge Of Never was a roller-coaster ride of emotions and I loved it. LOVED it.
I called my said friend and confessed my forty minute cry and she laughed at me. She didn't cry but she did love it so I know you will love it too.
Thank you J.A Redmerski.

Happy reading

Friday, November 30, 2012

Australian V's American words & editing

A quicky today.
This is a glimpse at a blog I would love to do, but never have the time. 
It's on the list!
Was chatting to a fantastic editor about Heart For Justice and we came across some words I use that aren't familiar in America in which I need to look for in the future.
They're simple and yet for readers would jar them from the story.
Words such as...
spanner = wrench
tomato sauce = ketchup
boot = trunk
windscreen = windshield
jumper = sweater
singlet = wife beater (that one blows me away)

and the list would go on I guess, so I have decided I'm going to find a dictionary or freaking make one. LOL

Okay, well I'm off to work (day jobs- meh) and I'll catch you later.
Told you it was a quicky!
Happy reading and writing

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hunger For Justice- View Chapter One Free

Chapter One
 Dangers of the past

Loneliness is one of those things you seem to get used to, especially when everyone you love is dead and the rest treat you like a leper.
So it’s easy to disregard risks and rules when you only have to think of yourself―when all you live for is bringing their murderers to justice.
Every ride was taking your life into your own hands. Employees in the building knew to take the stairs if they valued theirs, yet Claire pressed the elevator button with a quick jab before reaching into her coat pocket at the chime of her mobile phone.
A small amount of irritation drove heat to her cheeks, suspecting the caller to be her boss with a hot new story to follow up on and as per usual, unable to wait for Claire to get to her office. Patience was never Jerry’s strong suit—with the nose for a story like a blood hound, once Jerry was set on a scent there was no deterring the woman’s persistence.
Glancing at the screen of her newly acquired iPhone, her chest tightened and her knees became unsteady. Any heat she felt in her cheeks moments ago was now lost to a deep set chill.
It was not her boss.
The chime of her ringtone continued as she stood stunned in the foyer while the sickening ding of the elevator echoed across the tiles forewarning its passenger-to-be the doors were open and ready for her to embark. Yet the elevator remained empty as the doors slid closed with a near silent thud.
Claire’s feet remained frozen to the spot causing the blue, overall clad cleaner to hesitate from polishing the stainless-steel plaque which bore the names of the two companies within the building. With her trembling thumb over the screen she debated whether she was going to answer it, although ultimately knew she didn’t have a choice because A- this particular person hadn’t held back how much he disliked her, thus it had to be something serious for him to call. And, B- this individual would hound her to the ends of the earth until he got what he wanted because he always got what he wanted.
Her thumb dragged across the bottom of the screen as prompted and she brought the mobile to her ear. Painting a smile across her face she said in a sickly sweet tone “Talon Baker. And all this time I thought you didn’t like me.”
“And all this time I thought you were selfish and nothing but trouble, oh wait...”  It was so very Talon.
Claire’s smile faltered momentarily, although was quick to recover. She’d heard worse from him and many others who believed she was a troublemaker. God, anyone would think she was irrational trying to figure out who killed her family. “Hmm, it’s like we’ve never been apart­. So nostalgic.”
            “I should know better than to call you. You’re still a—”
            Claire sighed heavily before he finished his crude quip, they wouldn’t get anywhere at this rate. “Okay, pookie. What can I do for you?”
            “For a start’, I am not your pookie—“ There was a pregnant silence before he continued, “—I need your help.”
            Claire was so tempted to say something witty like, ‘pardon me, pookie. You need my help?’ only the desperation in his voice and the fact he was asking for her help, made her reign in her bitchiness. “What do you need?”
            “Not on the phone. Meet me so we can talk.”
            Now his desperation and apparent paranoia was beginning to scare her. “What’s wrong, Talon?”
            “Our cafe in fifteen minutes?”
            “You’re in Lakes End?” Oh my God, what’s going on? Only before she could ask him that very question, she heard the distinctive double tone of disconnection. Pulling her mobile from her ear and studying the screen confirmed it with a little message ‘Talon disconnected’ scrawled across the top.
            Another Talon trait, he never said goodbye when he was upset and it irritated her. He irritated her causing her to mutter and curse like a cranky sailor before she noticed it was starting to make the poor cleaner more than a little nervous as he anxiously studied her out of the corner of his eye.
“I’m sorry.” Claire attempted a smile trying to reassure him she wasn’t some crazy girl with a foul tongue before spinning around and rushing back out the door. She messaged Jerry she had gotten wind of a story and would contact her as soon as she had something which should hold her back until Claire knew what Talon was up to. Sure it was a little lie. However Jerry owed her more than a couple of favours.
Claire had been working her ass off for the woman since her brother was killed seven months ago. In that short time Claire had made quite an impression and was given more responsibility than the employees who had been there for years despite her age.
In her last year of high school, her father’s life insurance had paid the rest of the mortgage off with a small amount left to allow her brother Jim to continue working as a probationary officer with the NSW Police Force. His salary met their needs to a point while Claire finished her senior year, but when Jim was murdered short of her graduation, Claire had barely passed her HSC, let alone enrolled in University. Jim’s insurance sat in the bank earning interest for Claire to live off, but wouldn’t last if she didn’t go find herself a reputable job that would still allow her either time or freedom to find out who was behind her family’s murders.
Sure, Jerry had taken a risk in hiring her straight out of high school and in the midst of family tragedy and turmoil and let’s not forget a troubling reputation, but she had shown her worth by her adept skills for an investigation, her connections within the Police force and her quick responses. Besides, right now she could care less what Jerry wanted because her curiosity and her thoughts were lit up like a Christmas tree in the centre of the town plaza.
Claire paced down the concrete path shaded by the twin, grey three-storey buildings on either side leading to the main street, giving a small reprieve to Australia’s illustrious December heat. Half way down the store lined street was the café her brother Jim, Talon and herself had shared milkshakes and Cokes in almost daily after school.
Why there of all places? Why is he in Lakes End? And what on freakish earth does he think I can do to help? So many questions were ping-ponging around her mind and none of them she had tangible answers for. After all, she was the last person Talon Baker would want to talk to or see and most definitely ask help from. Whatever it is that’s brought him to such desperation must be significant, if not perilous because last time she checked, hell had not yet frozen over despite his vow of their next reunion.
            Trotting up the timber steps of the café she found Talon already sitting in the dim, warm lighting at a little table in the packed café which had seen a recent and much needed remodel from the décor they had eaten in. A lump formed in her throat as she held back the abrupt urge to run the other way.
Talon’s head was bowed in his hands, to Claire he appeared worn and a small crack formed in her resentment for him. The Police force had certainly taken its toll.
 She didn’t always harbour bitterness toward Talon. Once upon a time, when she was young and naive and all was right in the world of Claire Moore, Talon was like a permanent fixture in their house, joined at the hip with her brother and she had one major crush on him.
            She was certain now he knew it and for the most part he’d ignored the adolescent pang and tried to treat her as his best mates little sister and a friend. However as she got older she noticed the way he looked at her was a little different, she’d catch him looking at her when she glance his way especially when she was able to go out with them.
It was a fun time―fun, until the morning after their high school formal.
Returning home from being out all night―one of the best night of her entire life― with Talon and the gang to find police cars in their driveway was like a slap to the face. She’d been blessed with a perfect life to that point that fate thought it was about time she was dealt with a reality check of pain.
The sun was bright and blazing as was her heart before she noticed the three police cruisers in her driveway. Every amazing moment that happened before that second vanished and quickly replaced with worst sense of loss and fear you could ever imagine. Leaning against the trunk of one of the white police cruisers was her father’s best friend and co-worker, crying like a baby.
That was the morning the world of Claire had changed and it didn’t just change for her, but for everyone around her.
Talon leapt from his chair in the café upon seeing her, the scraping sound of the metal caps across the false timber floor melted with the clanking of cutlery, the cappuccino machine and chatter in the small and busy complex. The sight of his full form caused her to flinch. She didn’t think it would be this hard to see him after all this time, after their last discussion. Yet despite her internal conflict she covered it up nicely with one of her big, sweet smiles she had perfected over the years and took the couple of metres between them, weaving her way through the patrons and tables.
“You know how to intrigue a girl.” A small smile crept across his face. She used to love his smile, except today it held only a glimmer of the Talon she had grown up with.
            He pulled the chair out for her, “Oh, how I miss your pixie joy”      
She didn’t miss how his voice was thickly laced with mockery and weariness as sat warily, toying with her bracelet and watched as he hastily made his way around the small table and took his seat across from her. It was almost peculiar to see him out of his work uniform now, a black t-shirt, blue jeans and white joggers turned him back into a boy. “So what’s this about, Talon? I haven’t seen you in months.” Seven months and three days to be exact. You left me crying at Jim’s funeral alone.
            “I need to see your files.”
            “Files?” Claire’s brows rose, she was pretty sure what files he was referring to as she poised her index finger against her bottom lip and looked upward as though she would find the answer floating above. But considering he was one of the many people who told her to stop her meaningless and destructive investigation, she was willing to have him crawl just a little bit.
            “This isn’t a game, Bear,” he sighed, slumping his shoulders.
            A small tremor ran through her as her nick name fell from his lips with apparent ease. “No. It’s not a game and never was. From the time I started my own inquiry into Dad’s murder I’m pretty sure you thought I was playing then and when Jimmy was killed you thought I was being irrational and a troublemaker. So tell me again Talon if you think I believe this is all a freaking game.”
            He reached out to touch her hand, eyeing the fine bracelet with the delicate silver bear hanging from it that she still wore, but Claire pulled away and laid it in her lap and the deep sadness of their private loss seeped back into her soul that months ago she thought she had rid herself of.
Deluding herself? Maybe. Nevertheless the act allowed her to function and the hunger for justice had room to take over. “Don’t go getting all sentimental now. You’re a little late for the consoling train, so just tell me what it is that you want with my files.”
“I need—”
            Claire abruptly hushed him shaking her head before he was able to mutter another word and then bowed her head. She peered at his confused expression through her lashes before she explained in a hushed tone. “There’s a guy ordering at the counter at the moment and I’ve seen him before.”
            “What’s so odd about that?” he whispered back, hunched over the table closer to her. “I feel ridiculous.”
            Another chance at a witty response yet now was still not the time. “No. I mean, I saw him moments ago only he didn’t look like that...” through the shade of her lashes she studied the man by the counter who was only minutes before wearing a full pair of overalls, “he wasn’t wearing designer sunglasses and suit that cost more than a month of my wages. He was a cleaner in my office foyer when you phoned me”
            Talons muscles tightened as he slowly sat up straight, no longer concerned by his awkwardness as he whispered “Pull your sunglasses down from the top off your head. He probably can’t hear us standing over near the coffee machine and over the noise of all these people, but there might be others in earshot. I don’t want to risk it.”
            Claire knew there were times when she could argue with Talon although by the tone of his hushed voice and his stiff form, she knew there was no room for argument now.
            “Move your head to the left a little,” Talon whispered, squinting.
            She complied, swiftly understanding what he was doing. He was surveying the man by the counter via the reflection of her sunglasses. “Huh, clever. You did learn something in the academy then.” She tried to keep her head as still as she could so he could get a better look.
            “Son of a… I think he’s calling someone and I can’t make out any of his features through the reflection.” He began to twist around in his chair wanting to get a better look at the guy. The chance of being made was one they would have to deal with after. But before he could take the risk Claire stopped him.
            “Wait, I have an idea.” She rummaged in her pocket and retrieved her mobile. “Here it is,” she said aloud now, giving reason to her rummaging to anyone who was listening in on their conversation. “I just have to find that number for you. I can’t believe you lost his digits already, pookie.” She watched him wince, it was only a small tick that the normal person may miss, but she knew him too well and saw it plain as day and the smile she was forging became genuine despite the small fear that clenched her gut as she held the phone up to eye level and took a photo of the man at the counter. “Say cheese.
            Claire handed a now smiling Talon her mobile as he shook his head in astonishment before studying the picture displayed.
            “No, you’re the clever one and I didn’t learn it in the academy. I learnt it from your Dad,” he said with sadness seeping from every word.
            And all of a sudden, for just a moment Claire remembered what it was like between them and her family before the worst morning of her life.
Yet true to her life’s history the moment was short lived as Talon’s whole body became rigid. “I think that’s a great idea. I’ll give you a lift.”
Claire was a little confused and was pretty sure she looked it too because Talon was now frowning at her and gave her a swift nod before taking her arm in his hard grip. Oh! “Thanks,” she said trying to keep the anxiety from her tone as they rose and to further surprise her, Talon put his arm around her drawing her close to him causing her heart to race erratically. Sweetbabyjesus. I don’t want to feel this. I don’t want to feel him and for God’s sake I don’t want to let myself like it. Never. Again. The heat from his tall, firm body was more comforting than she remembered and the dense scent of his cologne mixing with his own scent invaded her senses; a sea breeze cross chocolate cake. A bizarre combination but it worked on Talon, it was his own and she loved it. She missed it— she missed him. It had gotten so bad over the months since Jimmy’s murder and Talon’s desertion that she stopped making chocolate cake for that very reason. 
            “He’s carrying a gun and last time I checked we aren’t in the U.S where one has a right to bear arms.”
            The word gun shook her from her thoughts of cake and back to their situation. “Can’t you arrest him?” She asked astounded that he hadn’t yet or at the very least called in for back-up from their local station.
            “I quit the force,” he said flatly.
            Claire’s step faltered and she almost lost her footing but Talon had her steady and continued to usher her on through the large crowd walking the side street.
            “Why did you quit? When?”  Claire couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Talons dream from the moment he was asked about his future had always involved the force. It was a dream her father, brother and he shared and for him not follow it after everything that’s happened to them, was almost too much.
“You can let go of me now, we’d move a lot faster if you did.” And I would feel a whole lot better if you kept your distance. There was something desperate in Talon that scared everything instinctive within her and when those alarm bells went off she knew from experience to pay attention or it would cost more than she could afford to lose.

For more you can buy Hunger for justice here- HUNGER FOR JUSTICE 

Coming December 22nd is book #2 HEART FOR JUSTICE

Jan 2013 book #3 Blood For Justice

Happy Reading and writing

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Balance act of writing and life-what a joke

Well, this is a personal topic for me because I actually get asked it more than anything else and my normal answer is 'You just find the time'.
I laugh my freakin ass off now because normally my day job takes me away from home for six hours per day and then, yes, I have house work, wifey and mummy duties, but it has always seemed quite doable.
Of course it's, because I have sweet hours to work by unlike others who have what my hubby jokes (a real job) don't worry, he cops a look when he uses that term. 
I lived/worked with rose coloured glasses on and they are now broken.
 I've seen and experienced the depths of a real job hour workload and realise how much it sucked the life out of me and everything I took for granted (like my brain) is too damn tired to type a bloody word.
It sucked ass big time!
I was starting at 5 or 6am and finishing at 3,5 and 6pm. Some of you may think I'm still being a big winge, but it was killing me man! LOL
This is completely weird since it's nothing for me to read almost through the night or write and be able to work the next day. (This happens often)
But this week I couldn't even answer my emails. I signed up for four blogs and then promptly either forgot what they were about or simply that I had actually signed up for one.
What the hell?
So, this week I am getting better and I am beginning to balance on this tightrope of time and life in hopes to write because I'm busting to do so.
I now have a new appreciation for those who have a full time job that's demanding and yet you come home do your other obligations and still write and read your little hearts out. Kudos to you all you awesome peeps.
Any way, while I have some brain function left, I'm off to get some preparation done for book #2 in The Moore Justice Trilogy- Heart For Justice. 
I cannot believe it's out in less than a month.
Happy Reading and writing
<3 Kez 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blogs. Are they a dinosaur act of exposure?

Why do we blog?
Well I don't know why You blog, but I blog for many reasons and yes I'll be honest and say it's also for exposure for my novels. Though that's not all it is about. I like to share, I'm a sharer. lol.
I share other peoples news and I share my own. I share promotions and announcements and practically anything I want to verbally vomit into the world wide web. But the funny thing is the world is ever changing.
When I fist started blogging maybe a couple of years ago almost, people commented all the time. Facebook wasn't huge and twitter was only for the famous. Now, I rarely see a comment, but because I feed my blog to my facebook I recieve plenty of comments there. 
So this being said-is blogging a dinosaur act of technology and exposure now?
I say no.
Although I don't see many comments here I do see the traffic and holy cow is there traffic. average 40-80 visits a day lately from all over the world. Now tell me blogging isn't worth it any more.
I know where they come from and not just the country, but also  from what site fed them to me and what computer program they used. 
I know I still read plenty of blogs, I love reviews and tangents and general news. Oh and let's not forget the How To blogs, how many times have I used those in my writing career.
So all in all, just because you don't see comments at the end of peoples blogs doesn't mean what they have to say isn't awesome ;)
But I will say this, I mean to keep blogging and damn it, I am going to make you keep reading them because I like to share.

Happy reading

Monday, November 19, 2012

Post Promotion for Hunger For Justice

Oh my gawd, what a big freaking day it was on Hunger For Justice freebie day. I was like a proud mother as I watched the ranking soar through Amazon. I went to bed with the ranks at twenty something thousand and woke up to a message by the great and wonderful Jennifer all excited that it was soaring. 
By mid morning (here) Hunger For Justice was #3 Teen Romance & #7 Romantic Suspense. 
What The!
Can you imagine my celebration dance? Not pretty, but funny and exciting none the less.
So now its two days later and I have picked up some sales which by research will gradually build, but some asked if it is worth it.
Well I gave away 1650 copies in total and yes that's sales I lose in a way, but you have to look at the whole picture. HFJ is book#1 of a Trilogy. This means that an extra 1650 readers might pick up Heart for Justice which is book #2 and then maybe (hopefully) book #3 Blood of Justice.
I'm sure you've heard the saying you have spend money to make money, well it is similar only zero outlay. It was one of the best advertisements you can get.
So now I sit back and I plan for the next promo in time for Heart For Justice release and see if it pays off.
All in all, I'm happy that 1650 readers out in the world have a piece of my baby and if they like it they may share the news and BANG, I have a readership.
Right now, I need to keep writing and you need to keep reading ;)
Happy reading and writing,