Thursday, January 31, 2013

50k in 28 days because 30 is two too many challenge

I join the 50k in 30day every year and I use it to boost my WIP. Well I need boosting and can't wait for the mid year challenge.
So I posted I was going to do it in feb. As in tomorrow (eek) and posted it in a group where the idea has taken off  and I dubbed us CLUB50.
Some have taken part in similar challenges as I have and some a rookies. We are from all over the world and we are excited to get the words and encouragement rolling. 
If you would like to join if you want to partake,
 other wise cheer for us as we blog and post our achievements and some days our woes. Let's hope for more achievements though ;)
Some of us will make it and some will die freakin' trying.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Highs & Lows of Australia Day weekend

Australia Day Long weekend was anticipated to be a little wet with the cyclone from QLD heading our way, but being the typical aussies we are, we thought we'd have a go anyway and here is how it went:

  • Arrive at Maccas for brekky. MMMMMM Vanilla Latte.
  • HIGH! Arrived at Knorrit Flats to a lovely elderly couple giving us a free Australia Day cake each. and it was yummy!
  • High: discover they hire out big tractor and truck tyre tubes to float down river AND the do five pick ups a day in a van, take you up river and drop you off. SICK!
  • High: only three camps to a fire site, which means HEAPS of room and privacy.
  • High: we pass flushing toilets and HOT showers. OMG, I'm in love.
  • Low: set up time
  • High: set up only took an hour and was flollowed by a cool berry cider.  
  • HIGH! the river is so damn awesome. We swim up, kids on massive floaty whales and dolphins and then ride the rapids down to the smooth water to only do it all again.
  • High: watching mick drag the canoe up and ride the rapids. Crack up!
  • High: laughing at brother use a PINK float bed down the rapids amongst men with Australia Day BLUE devices and manly  tyre tubes.
  • High: nanna naps. I love nanna naps!
  • Low: there is a line up for showers so we wait.
  • High: fire roast dinner is de-bomb.
  • Low: the shower rain is begining
  • Low: still line up for shower, but getting dark so we wait.
  • High: selfishly laugh at daughter who cries over the cubical 'oh my god i just dropped my undies on the wet floor' LOL
  • Low: Karma is a bitch! I try to get damp feet into pants and they fall on wet floor.
  • High: awesome night by fire with stories, laughs and everything. lets not talk about boyd and the marchetti
  • Low: realise you need to do one last loo run in the dark with kids
  • High: Mick does middle of the night loo run with the kids :)
  • Low: It's pissing down with rain when I wake up and need to do a loo run before I burst.
  • High: Bacon and eggs. enough said there.
  • High: play Australia trivia.
  • Low: I'm an un- Australian idiot when it comes to history
  • High: I'm wearing my Green Bay Packers shirt with pride!
  • Low: rain is NOT letting up, hubs heads up the mountain to check weather forecast to discover it's going to get worse. Like way worse. Qld is REALLY bad and it's on its way here.
  • Low: pack up in rain a day early leaving brother and sister out there.
  • Low : I pull wrong pegs out and camper could collapse. Should wait for instruction. Whoops.
  • Low: Soaking wet, packed up and a spider is on my leg. Yeah, the eight legged, evil, man dropping, scary-ass creature spawned to terrify me. I kicked my leg to flick it off and it went in direction of one of the girls who screams and hates me for five whole minutes. I'm thinking I can live with that since spider is gone.
  • Low: about to get in 4x4 and Olly gets bitten by a bull ant. ouch! 
  • High: we are on our way home, then we are home and we are dry and full and spent.
  • Low: turn on news to see what's happened in QLD.
  • High: grateful we got out of there when we did.
  • Low: Cant believe we didn't take lots of photos
  • High: Can't wait to go back!
So you see, even though we are home early, we had a great time and will return! With photos.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The end is near- BLOOD FOR JUSTICE out now

Banner by

Yes, oh yes. The time has finally arrived. BLOOD FOR JUSTICE the third part of The Moore Justice Trilogy is finally here and available.

This trilogy has been over a year in the making and came with a lot of help for which I am eternally grateful.

There is a blog tour in the making, so make sure you keep your eye out for that; where there will be loads of news and giveaways, reviews and let's not forget the presence of Batman!

I hope you enjoy,
here is the link

Happy reading

Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Days... Blood For Justice + excerpt

You heard right, only three days before its released.
The third novel in THE MOORE JUSTICE TRILOGY, Blood For Justice, has some antsy peeps waiting and I'm one of them. 
Yes, I'm guilty of buying my own novels, LOL.
So I thought I'd leave you a teaser because I'm a freakin' tease.
(no spoilers, I promise. Which is so damn hard to find a piece that wont give away the plot and yet is interesting)
Enjoy and look out for it on the amazon shelf 24th Jan 2013

Claire nodded, aware that everyone was watching, waiting anxiously in silence. “What kind of cake?”
He tilted his head to the side, cocking a brow and giving her a look she also knew well. “The edible kind.”
Eli,” Penny scolded.
He rolled his eyes and Claire smiled impulsively. “The only edible kind is chocolate fudge.”
Eli flinched before grinning. “Right. Mum says cheese cake, but dude, cheese and cake? Yeah, no. Those two foodstuffs shouldn’t be pooled into any cake tin.”
Claire laughed, not only from his misunderstanding of cheesecake, but because of his wit. He reminded her of herself and…Jimmy. “Well, let’s go have some of that cake. Do you have a microwave in your cabin?”
“Does Jesus look like a poor rock-star?”

Do you want more?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Emotionally Raw Reads- my reviews

Righto, I know I have been might slack on the review department, but I've read a bunch of freaking awesome books lately and went on an emotional rollercoaster with them. I'm actually scared because of such a good run that I might not find anything as food for a while.
Any hows, here are what I've read over the last month worth reviewing...

HOPELESS: Colleen Hoover (did we expect anyone else to be on this list. nup)

Dear God, I feel the pain in every breath.
Sure, this isn't the sweet read like Slammed and Point of Retreat, but peeps she did warn you and I have to say that she didn't disappoint me at all!
I love the characters in this and yeah, yeah we all know I'm a sucker for the tortured souls, but this was different and I loved it. I loved it, breathed it and broke down with it. Colleen touched base with some heavy issues and did an amazing job with it. I'm totally impressed.
There's a reason this author is a best seller and much love bi-otch of mine. I love her to itty bitty pieces.

Thank you, Colleen

MISS ME NOT: Tiffany King (I have a crush on Tiffany :) It's okay, she knows it!)

I've had a thing for boys named Dean since my first novel was published :)
This is the first book by Tiffany I have read and I have to say, the girl has a way to my heart and soul. It was fresh and heart breaking and yep, again I sobbed like an effin baby. (I'm a girl, I'm allowed to sob in books)
She's broken and for a change, he's not and Gawd I love his family and I love to hate her mother.
Look, it was an awesome read for the day and I can't wait to read more. Seriously, I should be writing, but I'm addicted.
Thanks Tiffany King

THE COINCIDENCE OF CALLIE & KAYDEN: Jessica Sorensen (a warning comes with this one)

I'm hooked on this author right now, but I will warn you with this one...(slight spoil) it's an open ending for book two. I turned the page and went WTF, YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS! Yet, and I mean this, I wouldn't not read it if given the opportunity. At first it wasn't a grab you right from the first page, though holy hell I fell for these characters and I fell for them hard. I felt  betrayed by the ending because of...well I was very cranky at Jessica and her ears would have been burning, but it was a clever marketing tool and not just that so don't get in my grill until you read further... my trilogy THE MOORE JUSTICE TRILOGY: it has open endings where you want to know what happens to this and that, but this book was massive in this type of tool. I think she would have a mass of fans out there, cause the girl can write, but I'm betting she got some nasty comments because we loved these characters.
PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT let this discourage you, it is awesome. Read it!

THE SECRET OF ELLA & MICHA: Jessica Sorensen. (told ya, I was hooked on her right now)

Amazeballs! I love Micha! I love this story! I love the realistic plot! I think I love it!
F.R.E.S.H and H.O.T. Did I mention I love Micha? Cause I do.
Look, this story has the lot, broken home, broken hearts and broken souls that need mending and the only way to mend is through their love. Sound corny? I don't care.
This is a must read.
Thanks Jess.

So thats it for me today, I am going to get some of this writing done before my readers message nasty letters.
Keep the good ones coming!
Happy reading and writing guys

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holy Freaking Batcrap! EXCEPT: Blood For Justice #3 novel of The Moore Justice Trilogy

Holy freaking Batcrap!

BLOOD FOR JUSTICE, the 3rd novel of The Moore Justice Trilogy will be out this month. 
The date has been pushed back due to editing schedules, but well worth the wait if you ask Robin or Wonder Woman.



He closed his eyes and sighed. “Come here.” He pulled her into his chest and kissed the top of her head. “This is why you’re the hero of our Disney story.”
            She laughed into his chest feeling his heart beat against her temple. “Ryan once said I was a swooper, that I swoop in and save the day.”
            He chuckled. She loved the sound of it against her face. “I agree, but maybe you’re more than a swooper, more than a Disney hero even.”
            She pulled from his warm chest and frowned. “I don’t think you can get any higher than a hero, babe.”
            “I think you’re a crusader.”
            “A crusader?” She pursed her lips. “A crusader. I like that.”
            He chortled. “I bet.”
            “Like Batman?”
            He chuckled, “yeah, like Batman.” He kissed her and yelled over his shoulder, “Come on, we’re going to Maccas for breakfast. First one to the car gets to pick the music.”
            Out of nowhere there were yelling, swearing, banging and then the sound of glass shattering.