Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Simple Mistakes Of The English Language

Dunce Hat.

I could rock that hat.
Fine, fine, fine. I know I am capable of learning so that hat analogy doesn't quite fit, but damn I need an editor, google and a dictionary most of the time. Even for the most simplest things. I question my texts, my twitter, my facebook entry. You want to know why I say entry and not status? Because what the eff is plural for status?! Statuses? I have to break out Google already and I haven't even made it past the first paragraph.

Their, there, they're are not my problem; no that mountain has been... scaled? See, I need google and an editor. It's getting scarier with every birthday.  
It is tuff getting old, but I am tough.  
See what I did there. Is it possible I am the only person who does not recall tuff/tough being taught in English?
I mean, tuff even has the squiggly line that I rely upon. I can't rely on anything now but google because it was what got me though my moment of 'WTF'

Is there anything else I need to know?
I mean, out of the 7 books I have published, how many have I incorrectly used the word tuff/tough. It is tuff to say.

Note the below pic does NOT show TOUGH or TUFF