Monday, December 29, 2008

I Love Ya's All!

Oh, I love you guy's. You know just what to say to make me feel good.
I feel tired but at the same time I'm so glad to help support my family financially.
Boohoo's for the hol's though, as I have watched DH take the kids off surfing the other day as i went off to work. Then today he took them and all our new camping gear out to Swans Crossing for a week.
I'm going out for a couple of nights hear and there but it's not the same.
But, you need to look at the glass half full, right now I have a house (dirty house) to myself. No kids or hubby! OMG!!!!
Tonight I'm internet banking, catching up on my blog and getting some much need house work done, but tomorrow night, I will take your advice and either catch up on reading or a book.
Well, I'm heading off feeling much better. Thank you guys!
If I don't catch up before then, have a fantabulous new year.

Love Kez

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Diet v's Writing.

Trying to juggle writing with work, children-(including DH), pets and house duties is like trying to diet.
everyday i say, it's okay. you can start afresh tomorrow, and before you know it your ms is practically untouched or you've gained 20kg's.
I'm so depressed and tired. I haven't found my balance since i started in early November.
which also brings me to the fact i have neglected my friend- hi Suz.
so, i used to write in the early hours when my kids were home, then i had anytime when they went to school, now it's like i have no time at all. if I'm not working or doing the mother/wife things, i just want to sleep.
BOOHOO! my DH says, 'have a cup of concrete.... and toughen up'. Or you'll love this one, 'want a tissue princess'
huh, where is the sympathy?
i would love to hear how you busy writers cope with the juggle of life that takes us from our Passion.