Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mid North Coast Pink Ribbon Motorcycle Ride

Wow! What a day it was. Last Saturday We attended the Mid North Coasts first Pink Ribbon Charity Ride and raised $8000.00 dollars clear. How Fan-bleepin-tastic is that.
Approx 200 motorcycles in pink made the trip from Port Maquarie to Harrington all along the coast road. My DH and Brother and wife made it into the papers, and yes, the boys were in pink. It was soooooo great. I cant wait until next years ride.
The next charity run is the Christmas run for the salvation army where more than 300 bikes decorated in Xmas gear ride from Laurieton through Waughope to Port Macquarie deliver presents and for the needy children, if you can make it, it's worth it.
Some of the fun is simply going through the towns all deco'd up beeping and waving to the kids, their smiles are so large, they're so excited it makes your heat so full. Gosh, I cant explain it- a writer lost for words. hehe.
Speaking of which, I have been a wee bit lazy and should get back to it.
All the best and hope to see or hear of anyone else who wants to join in the fun.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Hectic is what my son describes as anything cool, well I can assure you when I say my life at the moment is sooooooo very hectic, I am surely not referring to it as cool.

I just started my new part time job, which means this is now no# 2 as things of late have been increasingly expensive. I'm soooooo tired and cripplingly sore all over, Boohoo for me.

DH says welcome to the real world and giggles considering my no#1 p/t job is very easy and sometimes fun and in the meantime I write, participate in school activities, have movie days with one of my best friends- can you see why he said this, I can. He'll ask me, 'what are you doing today?" I say, 'It's Tuesday, honey. It's movie day."

What a life, huh.

Although it will take me a little to get used to this new lifestyle of mine, I still intend to see Suz for inspiration, a good o'l chat and some wip swapping. I still WILL write- that one's a must and hopefully I can balance the rest out so I can have it all. Heheh.

Well, I'm off to check out how your all doing.

Happy Writing