Sunday, March 30, 2008


Still here,, still writing and always editing; or so it seems.

Does it not feel like a merry-go-round sometimes?

VP wants first fifty pages and how many times can I possibly go over my ms?
Well, let me tell you; every time I go over it I find another spelling mistake or a paragraph that is too long, etc etc.
Fresh eyes, I've heard. Yes I have done this also, but we learn more every day and with this new found knowledge, we find more booboo's. Sigh.

I once said, life is like a fun park full of rides.
Roller coasters- for the ups, downs full of different emotions. Think about that ride and what emotions you feel.
Then there's the merry-go-round, where it feels as though your not getting anywhere.
The bumper cars, you're trying to get out of the rut your in, but some thing's always getting in your way.
The tunnel of love; one of my favourites. Intimate, the world seems to disappear and it's just the two of you.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

I love my life. I know right now I feel like I'm not getting anywhere, with my dream of becoming an author, but I'll trudge on.

Determination is the key.

I guess the moral is to keep writing, huh.

Happy Writing, everybody.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I had just visited Annie Doyles blogspot where she was talking about romantic setting and what she had perceived as the perfect romantic setting was not shared by all.
It made me think of numerous times where I had been reading and either the 'romantic setting' is not what I would picture as the perfect setting for the scene, or where the author had described the character with clothes or features I myself felt like gagging over.
Have you not encounted this before, I unfortunately have. So I then have to stop mid read and try to imagine the scene/ character differently. A little annoying but when it's a good read you get over the little things.
So, the trick is, and I'm sure you've all heard it before.... If it's a good story anything can be overcome!
But this leads me to another annoying tidbit- Names.
Ah huh, you say. I know where you are going with this- Have you started reading a great book where all of a sudden you are stuck by a pronunciation of a name. AHHHH! It happens to me all the time, once again I have to stop mid read and believe me, I do try to stick with it. But alas, I end up thinking of a name that I can actually say, let alone, understand.
Never the less, once again- due to the book being a compelling story I loved it and kept reading on. I only hope the stories I write, even if they seem perfect and beautiful to me but may not be so to others, will still be compelling enough for the reader to enjoy it.

That being said brings me to the ms I intend on entering the VP comp. Yes, it's getting close. I will get it there on time! But after not looking at it for so long and re-looking over the rejection letter and the last comp comments i have realized the work that it needs.
I'm enjoying the process.
I saw a quote some where on the web once and i shamefully don't know who it was from but it's my motto.

Writing is a process not a product!

Happy Writing everyone.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's New?

Okay, so it seems that it's official. I am the last female to see the Notebook.

I can hear the gasps and whispers from here.

I know, I know. But I hate sad anything, I like to live with my rose coloured glasses on. That being said, it took a beautiful friend of mine to push me to branch out and experience the delight in this marvelous movie.

Well, I dropped my children off at school, shut all the doors, turned the air-con on and grabbed a box of tissues and curled up on the lounge.

The first part of the movie- the falling in love part- I couldn't stop beaming with delight. Oh, how i wanted that passion. Don't get me wrong, I do have that passion with my husband after 12 years, but I wanted that passion right then- I wanted to be her!
So, from that emotion came the hatred for the mother, man didn't you want to rip her hair out. Then it was her new love, you wanted to hate, but he was too nice. And of course there was the reunion. Yes-sir-ee, it was undeniable , irresistible passion- and I wanted to be her again. When they shared that kiss in the rain, my toes curled.

Now, all through this I understood she had Alzheimer's and yes, I understood he was her husband that she could not remember but at this point in the movie i was starting to doubt myself and my intuition. The question arose in myself- Is the husband Noah? Dumbo! Of course he is!!!

Then unfortunately came the sad part- the end. But at the same time- through my tears- I was surprised to find myself happy in a way. After all, dieing together in your sleep at a ripe old age. I think that's the most lovely way to go, being that we have to go some day.

What do you think?

Another thing I loved about this movie was the structure was a lot like the guideline of a romance novel. Up-down-Up-down continuously until the happily ever after. I was eager to get back to my writing in hopes of achieving an alike greatness. Material that gets girlfriends to urge each other to " You have to read this book" Don't we all want this.

Any way, i best get back to my editing. I want to send my first ms to the VP contest. Eek! I'm getting there though. Wish me good luck.

Happy writing


Friday, March 7, 2008

A Word Of Encouragement.

Well how exciting, i got my first two hits the other day. Thank you Rachael and Annie. It makes me feel like it is all worth posting my own blog even though I'm regrettably un-published. (Not for the lack of trying i can assure you!)
Just visiting sites is certainly helpful, there is a great wealth of information from published and un-published writers out there. It took a great pal (hi again, Suz) to encourage me to take the plunge, stop being a chicken and put your name out there.
If you are still considering constructing your own blog, but feel you are technology challenged. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I had a couple of hiccups, and yes i ended up phoning in the infantry to help, but it was all worth the trouble. I'll tell you a secret... i had to delete my whole account- yes, i said whole account, three times. Lol. But i got there.

So, here I am, and my message today is to encourage non blogger's to have a go. If i can do it, so can you!

I received my new Hearts Talk mag yesterday and still have not had the chance to read it all and i need to take the advantage of the rest of the family being peacefully mesmerized by the Simpsons.

Happy writing


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to my first blog.

Well, I thought i better start with how and when i first found my love for romance writing.
It started like many others- It was 1995 and my then-boyfriend's mother handed down her beloved collection of romance novels like they were a secret family recipe. The first romance novel i ever read was published by Harlequin Mill&Boon. It was the most riveting book i had ever read. It took me on the most hottest, most sensual romantic journey, and i was hooked. Maybe she was giving me some kind of hint , most likely, since i married some one else- but that's another story.
So, two years on and an ever growing collection of romance novels, i got the writing bug. I was just seventeen.
Which brings me back to my gorgeous husband, who i have been with since i was sixteen. He has supported my dream through four children, one cat, four dogs, two fish and of course me.
He has been my rock. (love you honey)
But my support squad does not stop there, as i have a great writing pal , Suzanne who is an inspiration to me and great a butt kicker when i need it. Thanks suz.
Together we met when Mid Coast Critique Group was formed with the backing of Romance Writers Australia of which I'm a proud member, they are a wealth of information.
Well, i think it would be time for me to get back to work. I have a ms (my baby) that has been sitting for months that i now feel i can edit it with honesty and harshness and fix my mistakes. Eek, there are many.
So, I'll say goodbye for now.
happy writing