Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Interview In Romance Writers Australia.

I was so very excited to find my first interview in RWA magazine and website this month- 2months early- but what a surprise!

It all still seems surreal, but I know all too soon TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW will be out there and I'll be conducting my second, third interview.

I can't wait!

Check it out in your latest mag, I have to go work on my latest ms.

Happy Writing and Reading.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


In our last critique group meeting an interesting topic had come up- when to use italic for POV. Some of us thought that italics shouldn't be needed as the reader knows we are in hero's/heroines POV, but some of us believe when talking to ones self either sarcastically or whatever, should be in italics.
Here's an example:

"What else did he say?"
Apart from the where abouts of Jimmy Hoffa's body. She sighed, "Nothing. He left after that."

So, using this example I would love to know your opinion and I'll take the consensus to the next meeting.

Happy Writing