Friday, March 27, 2009

To Be, Or Not To Be...

No, I'm not quoting Shakespeare. I'm talking about conference time.
Uh-huh, that's right people. It's fast approaching and DH said I can go.
What's the catch I hear You ask.
All I need to do is find the moola to go, in which, I believe is possible.
The early bird price is until may, but I think I can do it.
I'm sooo excited and yet sooo very nervous.
Arabian Nights is the theme this year, yikes. But I know Suz will look fab though.
I've been kick'n A in my writing and touch wood, I'm hoping I will have it done by Conference time.
Now all that being said, in case something goes bad at my end and I cant go, is there going to be a Claytons this year?
I hope so, it was helpful and I loved 'meeting' other writers and it was helpful.
While I'm on the subject of helpful, I love listening to music.
Different types give me inspiration. Depending on what scene I'm writing is what music I listen to, same goes for my plotting.
What do you do? Does music effect you in the same way?
I tried to upload one of my favourite pieces but I couldn't. I will however give you a link on the side to his music. I love him. You may also recognise him from Harry Potter and Twilight saga as an actor. He's a gifted fella, isn't he.
Happy Writing and listening.

P.S, are you going to the bris conference?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, how naughty I have been.

You say, 'no, not Kerri.' But alas, yes me. for two weeks i have neglected my beloved ms, and not even for being a good wife and mother.
In fact, someone could have called DOCS this week. but let me start from the beginning- intrigued aren't you.
So, week one i was still a slave to facebook. But don't worry, there's no need for a an intervention, i now have control. Also facebook can't keep you occupied every spare moment, but the new addiction I has found took over my life in week two.
My house is a pig pen that I'm trying to now sort out, washing has mounted up and the ironing is scary, so what phenomenon took over me for seven days....
TWILIGHT saga by Stephanie Meyer.
yes i read the whole series in seven days, no scratch that. If i had a whole seven days to read it would have been done in two. Instead they were read in every spare minute/second of my time. i would stay up late even though i had an interview with my boss the next morning. i would be running late just to get in a couple of pages in. i would get to work ten minutes earlier to sit in my car instead of socialising in the lunch room with my work pals.
I was addicted to life of Bella and Edward.
Now if any of you are aware of this story and think its just for the teenagers- you are dearly wrong. This saga is for any true romantic.
yes, Bella is only seventeen when this all starts, as is Edward, but she is an old soul and he has been around since the war.
Oh their love is intense and i fell for the gentleman-Edward.
I have never read a paranormal, but if this is what it would be like well they are my new fav.

If you haven't read Twilight, do so. you are missing out on something special.
I only just finished the last one a couple of hours ago and I feel a little lost.
My kids and hubby look the same, I have folded my washing and tidied my house to a point i could live with until tomorrow, and i can finally get to my ms.
But i say these things with a heavy heart, i miss those characters and want more.
I don't think she will write a continuance but i wish she would.
Stephanie Meyer is a gifted writer, simple enough for the youthful to read and yet brilliantly imaginative and captivating.
10 out of 10. READ IT! i haven't even seen the movie yet.
got to go, I'm inspired to write.
happy writing