Saturday, June 14, 2014

Little Inspirations.

Inspirations come from all over and you take them when an where you can get them.
I find I get most whilst watching a movie or reading a book, sometimes I get them from something my kids say. The most illusive ideas are our dreams, well, they are illusive to me because I dream and my Dory brain forgets. I know it was awesome and filled with enough emotion I think it's real. I wake up and say, OMFG, that will make an epic storyline, and then I go back to sleep. What happens between those inspiring and blissful moments, I have no freaking idea. It's as though my dreams were socks and they fell into the Bermuda Triangle never to be seen again. 
Now, I know, you want to scream at me because I don't write them down. Believe me, I have given such advice, but when hubs gets up at 4:30am each morning to work, you tend not to disturb him by turning a light on.
But I am getting off track now, what I want to say is that when inspiration strikes, it's like a flame to a bomb fire....sadly, when it's not firing, it is barren ash just taunting you about its once loved heat.
What do I do if I have no kindling, no firelighters and the clouds are threatening to open up?
I don't panic, because somewhere around me will be the flicker of a flame I need, the smouldering coal I thought had cooled; what I do is chill.
Watch your favourite movie, read that book you have been putting off, open up your doc and read the last couple of chapters, because they all work for me.
Today, I didn't dream, I didn't watch decent TV, all because my hubs claims  the remote and the tablet. It was war' male against the females in the house...what in the end did I make of this?
So, I'm off to write after four days of barren ash.
Go find your flame for your inspiration, whatever your goal/project.
I always say, Never Give Up!

Happy reading  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Pen names

There has been mass debate over whether authors should use a pseudonym. I was advised I should for a couple of reasons; anonymity and my name was too big for covers. (bet you never thought about that last one, huh.)
Well. in the end I decided, after days of playing with names, to keep my own. It took me enough time to adopt my married name, I wasn't prepared to give it up just yet.
So, dismissing the 'too big for a cover' theory, I kept my name.
Do I regret this? Nah. I have conducted many library author chats with press being my friend, having my own name, being a community member helped getting the word out. My facebook is littered with community members and because I primarily write YA/NA it is also filled with participating teens.
But here is the thing...I can't write taboo, erotic, highly explicit anything for ALL of the above reasons. So to write a R-18+ book, I had to make up a whole new identity. This was fun and amazing to see different doors open, different readership and bloggers. The downside, it stays pretty quiet who this alter ego is. Not only that, but only 'one of us' can write a book at a time. This means one load of readers have to wait and not many understand why.
I average #2 books a year. This also means I have to break it down to #1 per ego.
If you have been wondering why I have been so quiet; this is why.
I now know how Superman, Batman, Spiderman feel like. There are so many things that make  it hard to have an alter ego; facebook- you have to log out and log back in as different user. My God that's annoying. Blogs, bloggers, messages, promo, GAHHHH
Exhausted and under the pressure I feel I need to tell the world.

But that never turns out for the superheroes, now does it?!

The good news for you, me...whatever, is that the second book to NEVER GOODBYE is on the go. Cover Reveal is coming this month. Get ready because there will be sales and freebies.

Happy reading.