Saturday, July 27, 2013

Date night @ a glance

How could I have missed this memo?
Okay, okay, back to the beginning. I got a bit ahead of myself.

So it was date night tonight. Yeah, apparently saying 'date night' makes me old. That's what my teens say. But you wanna know what? I actually enjoy calling it date night because it means something different from family night or any other ordinary night.
So, we're back a little early (another old couple trait. lol. I'm only 33 for goodness sakes) and I thought I'd let you know that even after 16 years together I still love going to movies and dinner with him.
Now I love the prep for date night, legs and all shaved and hair nice, mick looks hot and off we go to uncle dans (Dan Murphey's) grab a 6pk of rum thinking we could sneak a can in to the movies...(rebels aren't we) got a guilty conscience when the cinema filled with teen boys though, so out came the bottle of water instead.

Get this...I was the only girl in the cinema to see Pacific Rim. I told Mick that makes me all the more hotter. hahaha oh and there was this big and I mean big guy with a superman top on and his belly fell out when he stretched and it was ewie and Mick has now informed me I can never complain, so I wont as long as that never happens to him or I'll cut him off. lol. So I guess that made him all the more hotter and together we were one hot couple.

Back onto the movie. Have to say, the movie was okay-3/5. I love a sci-fi, love action and especially Armageddon type films. Pacific Rim was a mix of so many films it was laughable. It was a mix of Transformers, Jurassic Park, Power Rangers, Robocop and Independence Day.
Aliens mess with cloning dinosaur DNA to take over earth because they are lazy bastards who can't do it themselves like the rest of the alien movies we have come to love.
Men go all power ranger/robocop in giant robots to fight them, but not before linking minds with their partners because one man cant operate a giant robot on his own and they need to operate both sides of the robot. I guess we cant have stroked out robots now can we or we may end up with them walking with the zombie drag and then that's another movie to throw in the mix.
So they fight and it's pretty cool and then they go through the underwater wormhole which reminds me of an anus with glow sticks and they save the world.
That's it. 2 hours later I was entertained, I got a small perv, but it wasn't awesome and yet I loved every second because I was with him.
Dinner choices are many and yet we ended up at the pub and then home early.
Romantic? Many may say not. Me, I'd tell them it's not the destination, its the company.

So now we are home, under a doona listening to one of the kids yabba on while we watch tv and I tell you all that 'date nights' aren't old. They don't have to be extravagant and you don't even have to be out all night.
Date night is simply taking the time for each other and going on a date where he opens doors for you and we laugh and enjoy our time together...
...enjoy it a lot now and ....later ;)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Never Goodbye is now with the editor

Can you believe it?
#Never Goodbye (An Albany Boys novel) is right at this moment hitting my editors inbox.
Does this mean it will be released early?
Ahhhh, no. It means I have just a little bit more time to make sure it's perfect.
August 15 will be a huge day with the Blog Tour starting on release day, hosted by @Book Addict Mumma. There will be swag and all sorts up for grabs, but most of all and importantly, there will be a charity event which I will have more information to very soon. 
If you would like to join the tour by hosting, contact me or Book Addict Mumma
For now though, click on the Never Goodbye link above and add it to you Goodreads, if not GR then make sure you have 'liked' my author facebook page for the latest info.

Squeeeeeee! I'm freakin pixie excited, I'm sweating glitter over here.