Friday, January 22, 2010

Jungle of despair...

I have been lost in the jungle of despair as I have hit the saggy middle and can not, despite all I do, to find my way out.
while awaiting response from HQN from my ms request, I have still been trying to finish my latest work to no avail.
We all dread this moment in our career and I would dare say that alot of us has experienced it and would feel for where I am at the moment.
It feels like months of bashing my head against a brick wall and only getting concussion for my efforts.
So after the last two months and some helpful words from a writing Friend, I have cut the jungle down to make a path and for a while I am going to put the damn thing aside.
so the exciting part is, I am back and i am stating a new dream, a new world within my imagination and I'm putting it to paper/computer.
I'm trying not to feel too despondent and pushing on.
What do you think?