Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coincidences- Should we use them?

It's been a question asked of late and had me thinking- can we use coincidences in our stories without it becoming weak and unrealistic?
I thought seriously about it before I gave them my answer and I thought through my own ms which had one that led my hero to his heroine after eleven years. Then I thought through how I met my husband and guess what- it was one long string of coincidences.
Now I'm not saying that you should use coincidences all the way through your ms; this I believe would make it weak. But I do think that they are a part of life and even the unbelievable ones are good ones.

So I want you to think about how you met your hubby and tell me- was it a coincidence that brought you together?
You can answer through face book or here, I think it will be interesting to see how many of us have a simple coincidence to thank for how we met the love of our lives.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My first cover on show.

So here it is, my first cover.
It all seems real now and I love it!

Now for a trailer...

I want to thank Amanda Kelsey from Eternal Press for a beautiful cover, she has incorporated everything I asked and is a genius!

Back to work- look out for my website, it's only days away now.

Happy writing and reading

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Interview In Romance Writers Australia.

I was so very excited to find my first interview in RWA magazine and website this month- 2months early- but what a surprise!

It all still seems surreal, but I know all too soon TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW will be out there and I'll be conducting my second, third interview.

I can't wait!

Check it out in your latest mag, I have to go work on my latest ms.

Happy Writing and Reading.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


In our last critique group meeting an interesting topic had come up- when to use italic for POV. Some of us thought that italics shouldn't be needed as the reader knows we are in hero's/heroines POV, but some of us believe when talking to ones self either sarcastically or whatever, should be in italics.
Here's an example:

"What else did he say?"
Apart from the where abouts of Jimmy Hoffa's body. She sighed, "Nothing. He left after that."

So, using this example I would love to know your opinion and I'll take the consensus to the next meeting.

Happy Writing

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Launch- Karlene Blakemore-mowle

Well, The Cattleman's Runaway Bride book launch was a success!
Bronwyn Parry done a wonderful job of introducing her and the place was packed, the nibblies were delicious and it was a friendly atmosphere.
Look out on her website or blog for more up-coming events, you wont be disappointed.

So now that I have had my day of fun, I'd best get to my writing.

Happy reading and writing.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Cattleman's Runaway Bride, By Karlene Blakemore-Mowle. Published by Eternal Press.
If you haven't acquired a copy yet than I suggest you hop over to her web site by clicking on her cover above to find out where you can purchase it. Or even better, this Saturday the 11th at the Hilltop Movie Castle, Macksville you will find our very own Karlene between 3 and 5pm officially launching The Cattleman's Runaway Bride.
There will be copies for purchase and drum roll .......... she will sign it for you. I know I will be getting mine signed.

So pop on her website or come on over on Sat and we'll see you there.


Friday, August 20, 2010

cocktail party...

Now who didn't have fun at this years RWA cocktail party?
I can tell you from experience- NO ONE!

This years conference as a whole was the best and as always, RWA have outdone themselves. A big thanks to Harlequin, our sponsors as the weekend would be unachievable without you.
I came out this weekend more knowledgeable of the trade and with a whole new group of friends.

I cant wait until next year!

Above are just a few fun pics- I wont name you, I promise, lol For more come over to facebook.

Happy Writing and Reading


Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 RWA Conference

Sizzling with excitement as the 2010 RWA Conference is only a few days away and as such I am absolutely flat out attempting to be organised.
This means, my fellow readers and writers that I won't be updating for a at least a few days. The upside to this news is that I will post with all some great pictures and news as soon as I get back.
Happy Writing and Reading to you all, and for those who are attending this years conference, I will see you there!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Contract Signed and release date set.

Well it's official.... the contract is signed with Eternal Press and the release date for
Taking Back His Widow will be in time for my birthday - February 2011.

Oh my gosh, what a whirl wind of excitement.
There is a lot of work to be done now but it's all worth it.

Thank you to everyone who believed and encouraged me, have a glass of bubbly because we have made it!

Talk again soon,

Happy writing


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Benefits Of Hanging In There!

You know that poster you see blue-tacked to the wall of someones home office, the one with a cute little kitty hanging from the branch of a tree and the words sprawled across the top- HANG IN THERE!
Well, I have to say that those words ring true to me right now.
I have hung in there even when I had moments when I thought I was just dreaming and it has paid out.....

I have been offered a contract from Eternal Press!

Yay. This is where the streamers come flying and the confetti bombs go off.
I was going to wait until the contract was actually signed but I decided I couldn't hold it in any longer. It has been a full three days of adrenaline and filling out the important forms that they have requested and I thought I needed to share the good news with you, okay maybe a little bragging, but I deserve to brag for a moment don't I?

Thank you to everyone who has believed in me.

Anyway, I have so much to do.
I'll fill you in with the progress, by for now.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

The excitement Of A Finished WIP

I just finished my latest WIP- so I guess I can now call it a manuscript, or maybe that's a little premature since I have endless amount of editing to do, but the way I feel right now, it won't take me very long; I hope.
I am so excited and who wouldn't be?
whether it be an ms of 12000 words or one of 120 000 words, the pride and excitement is still the same and just as worthy.
To all you writers out there, Good luck and Congratulations on your journey.

Happy Writing

Friday, July 2, 2010


So this blog is in tribute to all those writers who have the courage to submit their work with hope in their hearts that this time you will get the blessed contract, all the while trying to swat away the fear of rejection like it was annoying fly.
Then weeks, and in most cases, months go by and you find an envelope that looks unlike any letter you normally receive; there is no Telstra logo in the upper corner, there's no beautiful penmanship scrawled across from your nan and your heart begins to flutter almost like the time you saw your love walking toward you on the street after you been apart from him/her for days.
You take your letter inside and fight the urge to rip it apart in fear that you wont like what you will find, that someone thinks your writing unfortunately is not right for them.
You take it inside and sit down and take a large steadying breath and pry open the pressing envelope.
Inside you find the standard letter head (and forgive me if you are submitting by email, the process of opening an email is quite the same, i assure you) and it begins with a compliment and then......

Well, this next bit differs for all. But the point I am trying to make is that we take it as gracefully as possible and certainly don't then write or email to the editor whose job it is to sort through the thousands of submissions every day and tell them they are morons.
Last week, it had came to my attention that one such man, if we wish to compliment him with this title had done such a thing.
How dare he!
I have received two email rejection for various of manuscripts as well as letters and took there advice; after all, who would know more than someone who does this every day.,
Now I'm not in anyway saying that just because one editor doesn't like your work that you should chuck it all in. Of course not. What I am saying is that you take the rejection with GRACE.

I am currently holding my hopes high with an ms I have sent to Eternal Press for submission, and I can hear some of you say that I shouldn't announce it when you could get rejected, but you know what? I am proud I am putting myself out there and I will certainly take the r..r..rejection (touch wood) with as much grace as I can muster and I will submit again.

Let us rejoice in our journey and have faith that one day we will find the right editor for us and share when we feel disappointed, it is nothing to be ashamed of and we all go through it and when we do, unlike the un-namable man previously mentioned, we will do it with professionalism and move on.

I'll let you all know my progress and wish all my fellow writer good luck and congratulations on striving for the dream!

Happy Writing

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What is your your inspiration?

I realized as I've looked over some of our family shots that I have used some of my favourites for scenes in my manuscripts.

whether it be snorkeling with my husband through the rocks of Diamond Head beach or our local waterfall/lagoon that I wish was more private than it is, but lets keep this PG shall we.- pic above-
Either way, it makes me wonder how much of our life affects our writing. I know that both of the examples I have given are in mine, so i want you to have a think about it and let me know how much it affects yours.
Good luck to every one doing this years 50k in 30days and we'll all talk soon.
Happy writing,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Huge Month.

So much has happened in the month since I posted last, so I will start with the biggest news first.
I received my rejection letter from HQN. A little disappointed, yes. but it came with positive feedback and I realised even though they didn't like it doesn't mean it isn't good and what matters the most to me is that I believe in it.
I plan to send it some where else.
Going against the grain is hard, hard, hard. I had my crit partner read over my work in progress and she said and I quote, 'I know you can do better' and 'I like your other writing better.' Coming from a published author I had another think about it.
So the conclusion was, stay with my true voice! So now I have a mountain of work to do with that.
Does it ever end?
And thirdly, I just read 'Beautiful Malice' by Rebecca James after all we must support our Australian writers; romance or not and 1.4 million dollar contract later or not.
A psychological thriller and a good read.
i only wish i could get that contract, no scratch that, any contract. haha.
And with that my fellow writers and readers, i must go and do some more work.

Happy Writing.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Going Against The Grain...

Do you know which style of writing is for you?
I have discovered which one is easiest for me, but get this... I have decided to challenge myself and have gone against the grain.
I find it easier to write with the plot/characters having a past.
You have bitterness, contempt, lust the works. What a recipe.
Then you have what I'm attempting- first chance meetings, love at first sight but there's external and internal conflicts.
But ahah, these things have to believable and fundamentally hot or romantic or dangerous to get the reader to be absorbed.
Well this is my belief, I'm sure I'm not giving it all justice, but you do get my drift.
So this all being said, I'm finding it a little slower to write but love what I have achieved.
I hope to have it ready for this years conf at Syd.
My question for you all today is...
Happy Writing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Jungle of despair...

I have been lost in the jungle of despair as I have hit the saggy middle and can not, despite all I do, to find my way out.
while awaiting response from HQN from my ms request, I have still been trying to finish my latest work to no avail.
We all dread this moment in our career and I would dare say that alot of us has experienced it and would feel for where I am at the moment.
It feels like months of bashing my head against a brick wall and only getting concussion for my efforts.
So after the last two months and some helpful words from a writing Friend, I have cut the jungle down to make a path and for a while I am going to put the damn thing aside.
so the exciting part is, I am back and i am stating a new dream, a new world within my imagination and I'm putting it to paper/computer.
I'm trying not to feel too despondent and pushing on.
What do you think?