Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh Well and Congrats To All!

28,593 That's my total. I'm proud and it was fun.
Congrats to everyone who made and for that matter for everyone who didn't. it was a huge month.
I must say i lived all my moments and enjoyed them even though they took me away from a bigger word count. As you've probably read, I've been on rides and bought a new bike. yeehah!
DH and I are loving this time as it's the first we've had time to ourselves in twelve years.
Now, i love my babies with all my being, but I've really enjoyed the time with hubby. maybe next time i wont be out enjoying myself so much and actually get some work done. hehe.
Also i finally got my feedback from VP contest, yeeks would be an understatement. yep, it was my first ms and it apparently showed. oh well.
But don't worry, I've learnt alot and the wip i have been doing for the 50k challenge is my new and improved. this one is going to be good, no scratch that. It'll be GREAT!
Once again congrats to everyone, thank you all for your encouragement and thanks for the invite.
without this challenge i would never have written this much in this short of time. it pushed me more than suz does, hehe. luv ya suz.
anyhow, i have to go. i still have two sick girls to help get to sleep/
happy writing

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boo hoo!

I should be far more ahead than I am, but alas, you guessed it. I'm not.
here's the number 25,020.
I cracked the half way mark and DH say's it's hump time.
No, not the dirty kind, get your minds out of the gutter. It's like wednesdays, they are hump days because it's all down hill, ie, easier. therefore it should get easier for me.
I dont thnk it works like that honey, I told him with love.
anyway, it turns out that this WIP feels like my best work yet. Go figure.
I wanted to tell you all about it but as you can see i'm behind the eight bal, but I will when the thirty days is up.
It would be great to see others WIP at the end. just something to think about.

Got to go
Happy writing and best of luck!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day fourteen & plenty of excuses.

We're nearly halfway through the month and I should therefore be 25,000 wrds in, but alas I'm not. the quota for today is 13,206.
I haven't written in two days and I think i blame DH because he's been home since thur. I CANT DO ANYTHING when he's home. although it wasn't wasted, guess what?
we just ordered a new motorbike to do our trips on and don't I have some yummy plans. Oohlahla, kind of plans.
so with all this being said, I need to increase some numbers.
Thank you to every one for helping and encouraging me, and I'm still enjoying the ride.
happy writing

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day Nine.

Thanks Rach, Sandie and Sussan.m for all your encouragement.
I'm up to 12,936, yipee!
I'm a bit freaked, as I soaked in the tub and thought about my numbers I realised things are happening rather fast.
We'll see how it goes towards the end. It's only day nine after all.
happy writing everyone.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm Proud!

I'm proud at what I've achieved so far. I wasn't even sure i could get to my humble 8773 wrds, but I'm here and I'm having fun!
It was so funny, i thought i was all that, couldn't believe the words were flowing and I'd reached my number; although i haven't done any today yet. but there i was, swollen head and proud as punch and then i read how wonderful everyone is doing. check out wonder woman Sandie, 20 odd thousand wrds on day six. didn't that pop my fat head. hehe.
I'm now so proud of every ones contribution and i want to say thanks to everyone who helped me get this far.
i have to go and get some numbers up, happy writing.

Monday, June 2, 2008

2 days in. YEEHA!

Okay, we are two days in and I'm still rolling. It's been great checking out how every ones doing, and guess what? I thought I didn't have it in me but I'm proud to say I have written 4,880 wrds. YEEHA!
I have to tell you all, 200kms on the back of the bike was an advantage. I did a lot of plotting, oh and the weekend was FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! Cant wait to go on the next one.
Any way, I'm busting to get back to it all.
Happy writing
p.s check out rach's blog, I think I'll give you all a sample next time. hehe