Sunday, April 20, 2008

How to?

Lately there's been alot of talk of how one manages time to write and what their strategy is in the process of writing.

So I thought I'd better add to the list.

One- Time management.

  • Some use every minute they have. A minute here and a minute there. Me, I cant do that. It takes me a good ten minutes to get back in the flow. I find when the kids are at school and hubby is at work is the best. If you are not as fortunate to get these things then I find the tv or give them a book to read is a great baby sitter- for hubby and kids, hehe.

  • Try getting up before they do or staying up later than them.

  • If you are a lucky one who can write with the 'mum, she's looking at me meanly' calls from the kids or the 'Go Eels!' calls from the hubby. Then well done, you're better than me and can probably get more work done.

Two-Writing Strategies. (these work for me most of the time)

  • You have ideas in your brain or on a note pad, grab it and find the idea you want to base your ms on.

  • Get an exercise book and leave a dozen or so pages for character info. Then write the beginning, only the beginning. Even if its in point form. Make sure it has the characters meeting or re-meeting and the base of the story ie, conflict etc. What ever your target line requires.

  • Then the middle of the ms. What needs to be in the middle, the progression of relationship, on the border of something tragic about to happen that effects the characters and their relationship.

  • Remember this is a very brief line of your ms.

  • Then write your ending, point form is fine remember. How they got through their ordeal and the moment, you know the one. The moment when it all fits together and they realise they are one.

  • Now with this done, you should have even more ideas than when you started and you can fill in the gaps.

Please remember, this is a brief description of how i can get my ms done. It will not fit for all and I don't believe I'm the best example of the how to in the writing department.

I hope this has helped someone out there as this is why we put ourselves out in the world- to share.

With this all being said, considering its the school hol's, I haven't gotten very much done and my ms needs more editing and i have to prep for June.

Good luck everyone in your journey and happy writing



Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Thank Kerri... great ideas!

And yes, for me it is when all are sleeping/at work... which usually means burning the midnight all! However, what's it matter when it means a step closer to the dream!!


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Opp - I meant oil!!! Not all...

Sussan Marz said...

Hey Kez,

Isn't it interesting how we all approach the same problem differently? I like your method of putting the story together - very pragmatic!

I don't have kids but I do work in a business that's not exactly 9 to 5 and the phone rings from 7 am to 11pm. I would love a few quiet hours, but I'm not willing to get up at 5 am :-). I've learned, out of necessity, to write and jot down ideas in 5 to 20 min slots. It can be hard sometimes to get back into the flow, like you say.

Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Kez
Interesting post. I neverthought I'd be able to write within short period of time, until I started doing word sprints with Diane and Rachel. I was surprised how easily I adjusted my writing. Now I enjoy just grabbing 15 mins here 30 mins somewhere else.