Thursday, January 29, 2009

Closet readers.

Oh, gosh. Where do I start?

Well let's start with my day at work yesterday. I was so excited when three boxes of M&B books came in. FYI- I work at Target, and for those who don't know, Target carry a great range of M&B books. Anyway, as I was saying, the three boxes contained next months books and within a couple of hours a woman came in with a list. No, just back up a little.

first she came and saw me and asked if she could get some help with some books. I then asked her, 'what kind are you after?' fully expecting her to ask about the new Twilight series that seem to be the bomb at the moment.

Has anyone read these yet? I admit, I have bought all of them because ratings said they are suppose to be the next Harry Potter.

Anyhow, back to our lady customer- she then went quiet and said ' mills & boon' ( like it was a dirty word that she would be scorned for.

How disheartening, I felt like saying, 'Hey, there's nothing wrong with them!' But I'd probably get fired.

So I then asked her, 'what one are you after?' She then replied, and this is the exciting part- 'I have a list.'

HUH, I could have fallen over, this woman who couldn't even mention the publisher without being embarrassed had a list.

But it doesn't stop there, when I took the list from her I think I may have had a micro-faint, you know, like a micro-sleep. There were 19 titles on this list of hers.

19! Uh-huh, you read right, 19. Just in case you still can't believe what your reading and think I'm a dummy and numerous typo's- NINETEEN!

So, off I went into the reserve sifting through the boxes for the titles she couldn't wait to hit the shelves.

If anyone ever had doubts to whether there was a good turn over in the M&B books, I'll tell you now. At work we sell plenty, be proud to be a reader and stop sitting in the closet thinking your the only one- YOU ARE AMONG FRIENDS. lol

Maybe they need to place a sign like that above it. hehe

More news- I'm back and writing again. I took some great advice and tried not to stress about it. I read a M&B- I'm a proud reader! it was an old but still a goodie in the ever growing collection.

I don't know why but I can't part with my books, I need a room just for them. hehe

I'm continuing on with the wp from 50k in 30 days because I still feel it's my best so far, it needs quite a bit of tweaking but what doesn't.

I was feeling quite depressed there for a while, I couldn't even look at the blogs let alone manage mine.

I miss you all and cant wait to enjoy the new year.

How as your school hol's?

Happy Writing


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Rachael Johns said...

Hey Kez

Great to see you back and writing and what a fabulous story!