Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a love story on Valentine's Day.

How fitting to celebrate the launch of NUDGING CUPID then to do so on Valentine's Day, a day where internationally we celebrate the joy of love.
Port Macquarie Library is celebrating The National Year of Reading 2012 on Valentine's Day followed by my launch and a chat with moi at 12pm.
I can't wait to see some new faces because you are all
invited and of of course the familiar ones who I will dub my 'cheer squad'

There will be chocolate, afternoon tea, wine and other giveaways and then of course there's the great company. So what's stopping you?
The answer is simple- Nothing so come share the love with myself, cupid and all our friends.

Love Kez


Rachael Johns said...

Wish I lived closer :( Have a blast!

Kerri Williams said...

I know, wish you did too. It's going to be fantastic to celebrate the three events in one day.