Sunday, July 22, 2012

Latest List of great reads by Liz Reinhardt, Karly Lane and Elizabeth Reyes

Well I'm baaaaack!
Yes, the operation was a success and lets not mention the downtime was awesome because I have read over 6 books. Holly hell, yup SIX!
So I thought I chuck in a brief review (no spoilers- I hate spoilers) to them all because they are all great ones.

Firstly I started with The Moreno Brothers series
I have to say that the first two were my favs by far and a definite page turner giving me the love at first sight and the sizzling old passions resurfacing and lets not mention the hot brothers! I loved the sub-characters and the bond of family. Sweet Sofie, I giggled like crazy as she started this book from an early age especially Romero who plays a very funny goof-ball with a potty mouth.
I commend you Elizabeth for each book in this series was different, read differently, felt differently and made me love them all differently. There's nothing worse than reading a series where each book is the same.


Now do not think for a second this next one is on my list just because she's my best gal, but Karly Lane has done another wonderful job for the Australian Authors with Morgan's Law
I am not a rural romance reader, don't judge me!
Yet this author always has me giggle and freak out for the characters. I felt for the community that struggled in the downturn of a cotton industry and farming and felt right at home beside her hero who I have to say makes me drool just a little bit.
Karly takes a city girl who would never imagine life without decent coffee, expensive cars and beautiful clothes fall for cowboy hats, boots, steak and potato and  the look of a man who doesn't use moisturiser, lol.
Bring it!


I'm in the middle of the third book in this series and another must read- The Brenna Blixen Novels
Liz has had me in angst right through this series for all three characters. It has been a while since I have fallen in love with one boy and hated that I loved the other too. Well done Liz..I hate you!
Its a love at first sight....for two boys, yup, two but not in the same whay and because I hate spoilers I can not say anything else except it is truly a series you will enjoy if you like a good YA mature series.
Thank you Liz.

Well that's it for me right now and believe me I have and still am enjoying my run of great novels, keep them coming!

Happy reading and writing


Elizabeth Reinhardt said...

Kerri!! So many thanks!! Even your hate warms me ;)!! And what a list! I'm so tickled to get to share space on this post with Elizabeth and Karly!! Two incredibly talented writers I happen to love deeply <3!! You rock!!!

Kerri Williams said...

Honey, the hate is with so much love it should make you giddy.
You're awesome

Kathleen O said...

Kerri, these are all new authors to me, and my tbr list just got crazier... thanks for the great recommends.

Elizabeth Reyes said...

Thank you, Kerri! And I knew my goal to never write the same story twice would be appreciated by someone! ;) So glad you enjoyed! <3

Kerri Williams said...

Kathleen, my tbr pile is nuts too but I'm addicted!
Always appreciate my fav authors Elizabeth.