Sunday, October 14, 2012

Release teaser for Heart For Justice- The Moore Justice Trilogy

It's just over a month before The Moore Justice Trilogy is released which means it's time for another teaser. 
This one is from Heart For Justice #2 of the series

Talon edged through the kitchen minding the glass that was traced right through to the carpeted living area where he did a quick sweep with his gun and paced to the edge of the entrance to the hallway. Every one of his senses were alert and wired as he focused passed the sound of his breathing and the hard and rapid pulse of his heart beating the adrenaline fuel blood about his body. He could feel the mugginess in the air; a storm was brewing outside even though he didn’t remember a cloud in the sky. The smell of leather and something he couldn’t put his finger on lingered and down the hall, he could hear the love of his life whimpering and her muffled cry was tearing his fucking heart right out of his heaving chest. 

Oh my gosh, that one was heavy, huh. 
Keep an eye out for more teasers.
Happy reading and writing


Eleni Konstantine said...

Lovely cover, Kerri. Congratulations!

Kerri Williams said...

Thanks Eleni