Sunday, April 14, 2013

e-book summary on publishers revenue for 2012

So here is a summary or brief cap on the article from digital bookworld & Association of American Publishers showing how e-books account for 23% of the publishing revenue for 2012.

Note: This is my view on how it reads and I don't take credit for anything I mention below. I just want to be helpful. I know how freaking time poor I am so if someone showed me a cap version of a report, I'd love them to bits. So here ya go...

  • Not only are e-books accountable of 23% net revenue but also they are up 17%  from 2011. (awesome) 
  • Dec 2011 was not a strong sales growth month. (Typical. I released Hunger For Justice for then)
  • adult fiction and non fiction e-books were up nearly $1.3 billion in revenue. a 33% gain. Again even during an economic crisis, the publishers trade is still growing.
  • childrens books were up by a whopping 120% to $233 million. Assumed to be due to such popular books released like The Hunger Games.
  • religious books up by 20% at 57 million
  • I'm not sure why YA or NA dont have an actual category but most are placed under some sort of association of the above three. (I suspect it would have been huge)
  • due to Decembers slow growth, albeit still a growth of 20%, speculation is 2013 may be slow also compared to last year. (We'll see) it also speculated that in 2011 it was the year of the kindle where on xmas morning tha'ts what you got and of course you loaded that baby up. 2012 was the year of the tablet which comes with many more gadgets to play with and load.

Well that pretty much sums up what I got from the AAP reports and Digital Bookworlds blog.
If you would like to read the more articulated version and see the reports go to

Happy reading and writing

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