Friday, January 10, 2014

Grammar help

So I have come to realize not only must I have not paid attention to my general english class, but also have the knack to defy all grammar laws known to man. I try to claim that I am a rebel ... but we all know the truth. I just suck at grammar.
How can I write a book/books, have them published, and not know grammar worth a damn.
Well, not only having an great editor is the key, but knowing your shiz is better.
Until now, I have burdened my editors and it is hard work. Note I said 'until now.'
An author buddy told me of this program that I am trialling; it's called You can try it right there on the site with a pasted piece of you work. I was freaking amazed!
I signed up for the free trial and the yearly subscription because I know I will get use from it.
Not only does it show you grammar suggestions, spelling, but also, enhancements and possible plagiarisms. You don't get those last two in MW. You can use the program right there on your MS doc or on their site and just save or print the report. I personally like using it on MW. It even adds an icon in your tools.
I'm still in the first stages of using this tool, but I love it already.

Who knew you had to use a comma before an 'and', EVER?! or things like, Use of articles? Redundant comma in ...
You get the point.

So, if you have trouble with grammar, this is my friendly tip.

P.S stop judging my  grammar here. Blogging  is like my facebook and twitter; they're grammar Switzerland.

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