Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day fourteen & plenty of excuses.

We're nearly halfway through the month and I should therefore be 25,000 wrds in, but alas I'm not. the quota for today is 13,206.
I haven't written in two days and I think i blame DH because he's been home since thur. I CANT DO ANYTHING when he's home. although it wasn't wasted, guess what?
we just ordered a new motorbike to do our trips on and don't I have some yummy plans. Oohlahla, kind of plans.
so with all this being said, I need to increase some numbers.
Thank you to every one for helping and encouraging me, and I'm still enjoying the ride.
happy writing


Sandie Hudson said...

Might your next hero and heroine go on a few bike rides? LOL. Glad you have a great trip to look forward too. I can't write much when my hubby is home either, he always wants something, need something, has something to say. Men don't they know we are busy with the men in our heads.

Your word count is great by the way, keep going.


Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Good work Kez... keep it up!

Sussan Marz said...

Vroom, vroom. Here's hoping things are still going well on the word front.