Sunday, July 6, 2008

Insane Asylum

Well, it's officially school holidays now. The kids are bursting full of energy and nagging for our attention.
Who else is in this boat?
My little gifts are still very tired from a long term of school and for some insane reason all our school sport events occur at the end of term, tiring them out until they are getting sick with every germ imaginable and crankier than a lion with a thorn in its pore with me as the poor scared mouse trying to help them. Help me!
All this being said I will announce a shocking truth: I LOVE THE SCHOOL HOL'S!
Yep, because we can sleep, relax and do what we please. parks, movies and I'm truly lucky to say, my children love reading days. We have the fire going and lay about reading, they tell me about each chapter and how what chapter they're up to. they are so proud of themselves with each chap. We're talking about 8 & 9 yr olds. the 15 & 16 yr olds aren't here yet. They arrive on Sunday for the week. I miss them.
anyone else in that particular boat?
needless to say, i probably wont get alot of writing done, but i think with last month being devoted to that, I'll give myself and the clan a break and devote myself to them.
I saw this quote and thought it suited me to a T.
'Being an author is like being in charge of your own insane asylum' by Graycie Harmon.
I wonder if she had kids too.

speaking of which, they are calling for their good night kiss, I'll do that then check out what you are all up to this hol's.

Happy writing



rhiancahill said...

I'm with you on the sleeping and doing what you want when you want. Isn't it great? Mind you, there's something to be said for all the free time to write when they're in school. sigh Can't I have both?
We've been on hols for 2 weeks already with another 2 to go. The 18yo is in phuket with his girls family (they all get back tonight for one night before flying back to Oz), the 14yo and 15yo are both in Sydney visiting friends and relies, they're not back for over another week. So that leaves me with the 11yo, the high maintainance 11yo! Do you know where I can get some cement boots? No, sigh, I'll just dream he's staying still then.
Have a great hol and remember reading improves you writing so really you are working on getting published. LOL

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Geez... I thought it was hard enough having my three under 5!!! I guess each age brings its own *glorious* challenges!


Rachael Blair said...

Hey Kez

Enjoy your hols with your not-so-little ones! Love the sound of the reading days by the way. My almost 2 and almost 4 year old are book addicts and I'm hoping to keep it this way!