Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Bee's

Holly cow. I can not believe how busy everyone is.
There's the conference in Melbourne, Claytons Conference for all us who cant make it to the other. Which by the way, I, myself am very greatful for. Thank you Sandie and Rhian.

Not to mention our day to day writing and lives.
I just read my Hearts Talk mag and love the two articles from Barbara Hannay and Nicola Marsh, but don't stop there. They have a huge amount of info on their web too.

I have just joined ROMAUS and received a huge welcome, thank you ladies. And yes, I know, it was about time.
I joined Claytons Conference and I'm thinking of registering for an online crit partner. I have Suz at the moment and she's fan-bleemin-tastic, but fresh eyes are always a good thing.

All this being said, I haven't really done a heck of a lot of writing- editing, yes. Writing, no. So I thing it would be a good idea that I get to it.
Tsk, tsk. So much for routine writing. But the plan and intention is still there. hehe.
I'm going to write now.

Happy writing everyone


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thanks. But really, I'd be there anyway so why not take control? I can't seem to control anything else in my life at the moment. LOL

Nicola Marsh said...

Welcome to ROMAUS, Kez!

And so glad you found my article in Hearts Talk helpful :)

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Thanks Ladies for dropping in.
I'm in two minds about control, one- it's a habbit of mine; sometimes not a good one. Two- I love feeling as though I have helped someone and achieved something but hate the resposability if something goes wrong. hehe.
hope to see you again
Happy writing

Sussan Marz said...

Welcome to ROMAUS! See you at the Clayton's conference...

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Anything writing oriented is helpful Kez!! Keep it 'a happening!!


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Enjoy the claytons Kez...I know you will though.. :)

Catch you later,