Wednesday, June 10, 2009


How lucky are we? Answer- Extremely!!!
Thank You, RWA & HQN.

Who else asked to pitch to HQN at the conference and get to e-pitch instead?

I'm soooo excited because I just sent my pitch and first chapter last night and can't wait to get the feedback.

I have to thank Sandie and Diane for the 50k in 30day challenge last year. This was the push off for this ms, it's unfortunate I couldn't sign up again this year, but I had loads to do.
I wish everyone luck for this years challenge, you'll love it.

I can't wait to meet so many of you finally at the bris conf; heck, I can't believe I'm going! Yah!!!!

Anyway, I'm totally motivated at the moment and decided to revamp my first ms.

'Ooohhh', I hear you say. I know, it's a task. But it's also really interesting to see how much you've grown as a writer.

I let you know how it goes.

Happy Writing, all.



Monique Wood said...

Best of luck with the e-pitch. I haven't sent mine off yet as I have trouble pressing the send button! Lol.

Hope you reach your NaNo target.

:-) Mon

Rachael Johns said...

Good luck with the e-pitch! Can't wait to hear how you go!!


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hey, Kez,

All the best with your pitch... after reading it, I thought it was so so good... Your writing has developed really quickly.

Let us know how you go,

Fingers toes and all those, crossed. tee hee

Suz :)

Sussan Marz said...

All the best Kerri! Have fun at the conference too.