Sunday, May 9, 2010

Huge Month.

So much has happened in the month since I posted last, so I will start with the biggest news first.
I received my rejection letter from HQN. A little disappointed, yes. but it came with positive feedback and I realised even though they didn't like it doesn't mean it isn't good and what matters the most to me is that I believe in it.
I plan to send it some where else.
Going against the grain is hard, hard, hard. I had my crit partner read over my work in progress and she said and I quote, 'I know you can do better' and 'I like your other writing better.' Coming from a published author I had another think about it.
So the conclusion was, stay with my true voice! So now I have a mountain of work to do with that.
Does it ever end?
And thirdly, I just read 'Beautiful Malice' by Rebecca James after all we must support our Australian writers; romance or not and 1.4 million dollar contract later or not.
A psychological thriller and a good read.
i only wish i could get that contract, no scratch that, any contract. haha.
And with that my fellow writers and readers, i must go and do some more work.

Happy Writing.

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Lizzie Collins said...

Hi Kerri

stick with your dream, you have chosen one of the hardest things to do and already having published works I know you must be very proud as this is a real acheivment. Keep writing and be true to your heart. Have you tried all the womens mags?