Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What is your your inspiration?

I realized as I've looked over some of our family shots that I have used some of my favourites for scenes in my manuscripts.

whether it be snorkeling with my husband through the rocks of Diamond Head beach or our local waterfall/lagoon that I wish was more private than it is, but lets keep this PG shall we.- pic above-
Either way, it makes me wonder how much of our life affects our writing. I know that both of the examples I have given are in mine, so i want you to have a think about it and let me know how much it affects yours.
Good luck to every one doing this years 50k in 30days and we'll all talk soon.
Happy writing,


Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Hi Kez,
Lovely post. What a beautiful picture of the waterfall- no wonder you used it in a scene- it's gorgeous!
I use lots of places I love in my stories.
Fallout was set in Townsville where I lived- a place I still love, and I set a lot of the scenes on the 'strand' and around town.
I'm using Macksville as the town in my latest WIP.
I think using places you have a strong attachment to is great for writing.
Research is fine and you can make a scene believable just from googling a place- but to use a place that is a part of you, can only bring out an emotion in your voice that only first hand experience can give, and that will come through in your writing without even trying.

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Right on! thats what I'm talking about karly. i use Tin Can Bay because i loved it and lived there, its a part of me as is the waterfall and beach etc

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Kez.

I draw on emotions and feelings, but at the same time I imagine what my character would feel and think. I think a writer has to experience these feelings to get them down on paper to reach a reader.
It's the feelings most writers install, not necesarily the real person or what they have experienced.
To relate to that feeling a character is going through is the key essence in bringing emotion to a scene.
At least your photo is better than the one I took. lol...perhaps a better day.
Suz :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol did I make sense,
To know emotion is to experience that emotion. It doesn't have to be the writer as the character.

If you haven't experienced all types of emotion, how can one can one convey it in their novels.

Have you ever dreamt of fear, of loss, or of love... remembering dreams often help also.

I agree with Karlene, first hand experience does wonders for conveying that emotion.

I hope that clears up the confusion. :)

Mon said...

The reason I write about contemp/modern settings is because it's what I know, and what I've experienced, especially when the locations are in Oz and I can visit them (if need be).

I like to use photos from holidays as inspiration too. There are so many wonderful locations in this gorgeous country to choose from. I could also be 'forced' to hop on a plane and do some research in other countries if someone made me do it!

I could also be forced to run away with a billionaire, be whisked off by a prince, or be kidnapped by a handsome pirate, all for the sake of research. Nothing like making your writing as realistic as possible! :-)

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Right on girls, this is what i thought and i am sooo with you Mon. love it! xxx
keep them coming