Wednesday, June 1, 2011

50k in 30 Days

It's time again- The 50K in 30Day Challenge has come upon us and our fingers are like hummingbirds on crack as they speed across the keyboard.
If any of you don't know what this is about I'll give you a very brief description.
It's where we writers have thirty days to meet the goal of word count we set for ourselves. I personally have chosen the whole shebang because I'm a glutton for punishment. Some have set a goal for ten thousand and so on. We then submit our numbers to the administrator and it is on display for everyone to see. Not unlike weight watches I suppose. If you are naughty you will be caught. LOL.

So, since I wrote TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW during this challenge two years ago I thought why not boost my ms.
I wish my fellow challengers luck and I will keep my blog updated with my count.
Weight watches eat this!

Happy writing and reading

1 comment:

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Kez,
I'll be keeping a close eye on you,during the month of June. lol..

Good Luck,:)