Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Writing Goals

Well the end has come and it's time for the final weigh in so-to-speak
I reached my editing goal and beyond of the 10,000 but only 19,205 in the writing goal.
But you know what, I'm not ashamed, no-sir-ee. In fact I am damn proud of what I have done.
There's nothing that I have written that I need to delete and it was a great push in my new ms and current work.

I want to say a massive big fat thank you to Julia for all her hard work through sickness and health (sounds like wedding vows, eh)
She did a fantastic job and deserves a massive big hug.
To all the guys spurring each other on, and did or did not reach there goals, you deserve a very large glass of bubbly.

Until next time,
Happy writing and reading


Rachael Johns said...

Awesome achievement Kerri! Like you, I'm stoked with what I've done. I'm gonna meet my 30k goal and although it might need some editing (what doesn't), it's more than I'd have written without the challenge :)

Jenn J McLeod said...

Well done you. I'm drinking LOL. Missed you today.

Shelley Munro said...

Good for you, Kerri. I hope your productivity rubs off on me. I've had the flu for a week and my writing is suffering. Thank goodness today is going okay :)

Happy writing.

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Missed you too Jenn!

Rach I'm with hon and even though i have edited this ms i know it needs another good one before i even think about sending it. 30k is fantastic and I'm proud of you.

Shelly I hope you get better sweetie!