Wednesday, September 19, 2012

No exceptions- BUY THIS BOOK! The Sea Of Tranquility

This is one of those times where you find something that you have to share with the world, it's like an obligation, an itch you have no choice but scratch.
The Sea Of Tranquillity is one of the best and I'm not exaggerating, THE BEST books I have ever read in my 32 years. 
It cost $2.99, that's less than a freaking coffee and if it's not wherever you come from than it's worth drinking instant for the day. That's how good it is!
As you'll know I hate spoilers so I wont tell you anything because there's so much to tell and giveaway.  But do yourself a favour even though it will leave you as a sack of skin filled with raw emotions, it was the best roller coaster in a long time.
I love-LOVE- these broken characters and the story that breaks my heart, makes me fall in love and has me addicted to wood. 
Thank you Katja Millay

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Fred LeBaron said...

Kerri, you totally captured the dizzying experience of finding and finishing the book (or being finished off by it, as the case may be!). Just want to second your enthusiasm, yes, it is that good! Thanks for sharing, it's cool to experience it with you!