Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HEART FOR JUSTICE #2- It's out, it's here, it's hot and available to download.

It's out, it's here, it's hot and available to download.
That's right, HEART FOR JUSTICE the second novel in The Moore Justice Trilogy is on the virtual shelf and already making great sales and reviews.
With more twists, turns, suspense and lets not forget the irrevocable love between Claire and Talon, Heart For Justice is the read for any reader above 15 years of age.
I'm thinking, readers truly enjoyed the first novel, HUNGER FOR JUSTICE.

A lot’s happened since Claire’s world turned upside down. No longer alone and now an enrolee in the NSW Police Academy, things are finally turning around. Claire hasn’t given up on her quest for justice; she’s allowing herself to share her life while perusing it. But when a call for help comes in from her friend Jess whose been attacked and isn’t the first victim, her plans are placed on hold. With her officer boyfriend, Talon by her side Claire’s set on a new quest to find out who the serial rapist of Lakes End is before he strikes again and Jess can finally feel safe. But what happens when Claire is forced to face some truths she had hidden long ago? 
Can her heart let go of the need for vengeance to make room for love of her life.

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