Thursday, December 13, 2012

to wait or not to wait when publishing a series

Alright, for those who don't know (I believe you might be leading a sheltered life) I have a trilogy in the process of publication.
Now I had painstakingly bled my life  into these three novels for the last year and a half (yeah, yeah. Quite possibly a exaggeration there) with the idea of releasing them all at once merely because I'm an impatient woman when it comes to reading a series and love reading them back to back. I thought that, surely I ma not alone in this. However an awesome Beta reader asked me why I had decided upon this action and suggested I ask my friendly online book club. So I did and low and behold, they say I should hold it off.

Some even said three-six months. I was very much shocked by this and thought to myself that I couldn't hold back for that long. In the end I held on for six weeks. LOL. 

It's killing me!

But it's only one week and one day and twenty six minutes away so I'm gritting my teeth.

Now saying all this, let me add here that since release, some of my readers have changed their minds and after reading the first novel, HUNGER FOR JUSTICE, they would like me to release the second novel of the trilogy, HEART FOR JUSTICE, because they can't wait.
So, this leaves me quite unclear as to what to do with the last novel of the series, BLOOD FOR JUSTICE. I would really love to release it earlier and if I could bribe my editor to let me I would have it out within the week of novel Two.
What do you think?


Andrea said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to read them:-) I'm writing a trilogy myself, released the first book In November, and many have asked when the next on is coming out lol. You have more patience than I do:-)

Kerri Williams said...

thank you.
I have to find your books now too.