Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to get an EIN number from Australia-my experience

If you have ever tried to get an ITIN and was knocked back, you will love my guts by the end of this blog!

Okay, let me start off with a thank you from an awesome author who pointed me in this direction after I spent over $400 attempting to get the dreaded ITIN from the IRS. 
Karly, as always my wingman, you rock!
So I read this blog which explained that you didn't actually need this ITIN after all because we could use the more friendlier version known as an EIN-employment identification number.
Now I was given a number on this blog and told to skype it with a microphone.
Let's quickly fix this problem: You don't need a microphone. If you have mobile phone ear plugs with a microphone, you're set!
Now for the phone number...OMG I tried every number given and none worked. I was ready to throw it all when a friend who calls England said there is additional number we need to dial first. Hello!
So I have the number now and I'm ready to call.
Now, I dont normally skype(call) so I had to buy credit. $16.00 was the minimum so I thought, hell. I have already spent hundreds, wha'ts another $16. 
Pft, skype kept kicking me off after it connects and I've been on hold for ten minutes. GAH!
Back to the phone I go and accept that at the end of the month I will have a bigger phone bill. Oh well, I'm quite over it all by now so who gives an eff. LOL.
I call and I get a guy who transfers me to the department for over the phone application and before I know it....I am the owner of one EIN!

Here is the instructions I followed:

  1. Call 00111 2679411099   (the 0011 is the important bit I was talking about)
  2. option 2
  3. next part doesn't give you an EIN option so I pressed EIN and got an operator within a minute who I said I wanted to apply for an EIN from a foreign state and he transferred me right away.
  4. They will ask why and you will tell them you are a sole proprietor who needs an EIN for foreign tax withholding
  5. They will ask if you have a social security number, ITIN number and filled out a form- say No and you are fine.  On the blog I got some info from said if they ask you to fill out a form first, hang up and start process again, you should get another operator. But this didn't happen to me.
  6.  They will ask for you address and phone number
  7. They will ask if you will be wagering, gambling and operating heavy machinery and trucks.- say NO.
  8. Will you be hiring anyone in the next 12 months- If I get famous maybe. LOL. I said that. Apparently it helps.
  9. They check your details against the system to make sure you don't already have an EIN and then....SNAP! You have an EIN!
Have a nice day.

So, I'm hoping this will help you. If you don't live in Australia, this probably wont help you. Sorry.

Any questions, ask. I'm happy to help.


Cheryl Wright said...

Kerri, what's the difference between an EIN and an ITIN?

And why hasn't everyone been told this is an option?????!!!!!!!

Kerri Williams said...

I have no idea why we aren't told but here is what I know.
ITIN is for when you have a middle man and dont live in US. So if you are being paid by a company (publisher house) who are collecting money made in US, you need an ITIN but since you are a sole proprietor and Amazon, smashwords and createspace are merely distributors, you dont need the itin only an EIN.

Does this help?

Cheryl Wright said...

Thanks, Kerri. Yes it does help!

teena3940 said...

Superwoman!! Great Giveaway..Thanks!

Peliguin Publications said...

Hi Kerry. Does the W-8BEN form get filled in as an individual or as a company. I noticed that KINDLE DDP give 2 examples of filling in this form,down towards the bottom of this page:
. Which would be the right way for an individual with an EIN?
Thanks for your help,

Fatema Daruwala said...

Thanks for your help. After an hour long hold over the phone, I finally got my EIN. They told me I will get my notice after 2 weeks. Then I can fill in my W-8BEN form?

Thanks again

Thushyanthan Ramanathan said...

Can EIN b used instead of an Sales Tax ID?

Jeni Robinson said...

Easy peasy! Thanks so much for your great hints - got it in about 12 minutes. So much easier than I thought. Appreciate your help, Kerri.

Geoff Hughes said...

Kerri, thank you for positing this! I was in EIN hell, hopped on Dr Google, found your page - and 15 minutes later I have an EIN. Brilliant. thank you!

Kali said...

Yay for you taking the time to write this up and help us navigate the maze. Success!

Wans said...

Brilliant, extremely helpful and worked like a charm.
Thank you

dan hunt said...

Legendary!!!! thanks Kerri :) worked a treat

Becc said...

Have been trawling through the internet to try and find an answer to this issue... will be ringing the IRS in their business hours at 11.30pm tonight! I will want to kiss you Kerri if this all works!

The Tall Blonde said...

Did it cost anything to do over the phone? Other than the call charge?

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