Saturday, February 9, 2013

Word Wars. The game for authors

There are some who may not know what word wars is, so I'll explain it as well as share my love for the mere idea.
As you would have seen in an earlier post I started this challenge of Club50 and the group is going strong with their goals. We have 19 days to go and I know I'm behind, but many are way on front.
Word Wars is where we all start at the same time, setting either 30 or 60 minutes to write and come back to the group with your word count. 
I've found I don't have overly fast fingers in comparison to some of the writers here and I'm always proud and in awe of what they accomplish, not to mention my own. 
Please note, we dont claim to have invented this game or type of challenge. I actually got the idea from RWA run 50k in 30 days which I always join. I wrote my second novel, Nudging Cupid in one of these challenges; which brings me to the topic at hand.
One of the tools we use in our group to drive our count is a game we call Word Wars. Now I know it is about quality and not quantity, but it's brilliant when you get both!
Some are even breaking the writers block. How fantastic is that.
Some are planning on finishing a WIP and some starting. Together we support and egg each other on and have fun.
Do I think writing words for the sake of count is effective, of course not. What author would, but this is up to you!
So if you get the chance to word war with some one, you dont need a group, it could be one other person. Heck, you could set a timer if you are so inclined, the point is to push yourself and relish in your accomplishments.

Currently, my word count for NEVER GOODBYE is 35,894.

So far in the challenge I've written 11,530.
Will I make the 50k?
I freaking hope so or it will be a tad embarrassing for the organiser to not make it. LOL
At the end of the day though, I have written more than I would have without the challenge and word wars. So thank you Club50 writers

Happy writing and reading,

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