Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Never Goodbye sends 10% sales to 6yr old cancer battler

My baby just went live!

Okay, so this is my 6th book. But never before has it been so real. 
Never Goodbye is something different. It's closer than anything I have done before because I have shared so much of my life in there.
You see, when I was a teen, I had cancer. 
Actually, I was given two weeks to live and I will always remember what that did to my parents.
Any way, in the beginning of the novel I put a personal note of my story followed by the story of little Chase. He too is fighting cancer, only he is just 6 years old and this is his second round. *heartbreak.
So, after finding out he and his family are battling through this once again I knew I had to help and the only way I could, was through sales.

Now, 10% of sales will be going to Chase and his family with their approval to fight against the growing medical bills and fuel.
Never Goodbye had gone live today and on top of that good news, I just got word Chas can walk a little now, so treatment is working. *pray*

What I need from you all is to share your butts off, if you can't buy the book, then share the cause.

I don't care where you share it or how many times you share it, just SHARE! BUY! HELP!

Chase won't be going to Kindergarten tomorrow with the rest of his friends, but I want him to know we are all here for him.
I sent him a couple of presents as seen above, but that means nothing to being well and having your parents there with you.

Amazon is live and we are waiting for the rest- CLICK HERE

On the 15th (U.S time) Book Addict Mumma will be hosting NEVER GOODBYE the tour  which I will be giving away a kindle ink
This is another chance to share your butts off!
So keep your eye out for this one.

<3 Kez

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