Wednesday, November 13, 2013

KDP payment options

Well I had this whole blog in my head ready to tell you how us Aussies can get paid into an account and use a prepaid master card just like eftpos. Instead of taking months to get paid it would be...well maybe a month. Haha
I just got it all organised, even had KDP cancel checks they were sending and asked to place funds in the said account. At no time did they say, Kez, we are about to announce you can use your Australian account and be paid Australian dollars. 

Yep, I get an email this morning that has been sent to thousands telling me this new piece of fantastic news. 
Right now, I want to kick my employers butt!

So for those who don't know, you now can get paid into your own account! Check your emails!

On an even better note, I cracked that 50k today. The story is on the down hill. LOVE IT!


Suzi Love said...

This is great news for Aussie authors. Will make it so much better.

Kerri Williams said...

It is brilliant news!

Can't wait for them to work out all the bugs on their page now.