Friday, July 29, 2016

Editing essentials

Editing essentials

*Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. If at all possible, intravenously.

* If you need background television or music. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Something you have seen or heard a gazillion times so that it wont pull you from your story. David Attinburough or food network, not the latest episode of Outlander or the new Avengers movie.

*Facebook ban. oooh, this one is the doozie! Facebook is a trap, an Abyss even. Stay away from that while editing. Sorry, +Mark Zuckerberg you are on the scarlet letter at this point.

*Lets go with some more of that coffee, yeah.

*Time blocks. Set aside manageable time blocks for editing and life. I work better with one hour intervals. Edit for an hour then get up and wash the dishes, walk the dog, check the mail, shower. But don't get carried away. I'm not saying to spring clean in your breaks, just stretch your legs and get some crap done.

*DON'T READ! It is easy to get caught up in other author's stories and this can effect your progress as well as your own voice. Set aside the new book you want to read for a reward when you finish each round of edits so you can be fresh for the next round.

*The above lesson also applies to +The Walking Dead +The Vampire Diaries and +Supernatural series. There are plenty more addictive series which I ban myself from, but you get my drift. I have lost days on a tv series binge.

*Um, yes, blogging is also on the above list. I need a 12 step program. I need to go. I was never here

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