Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I had just visited Annie Doyles blogspot where she was talking about romantic setting and what she had perceived as the perfect romantic setting was not shared by all.
It made me think of numerous times where I had been reading and either the 'romantic setting' is not what I would picture as the perfect setting for the scene, or where the author had described the character with clothes or features I myself felt like gagging over.
Have you not encounted this before, I unfortunately have. So I then have to stop mid read and try to imagine the scene/ character differently. A little annoying but when it's a good read you get over the little things.
So, the trick is, and I'm sure you've all heard it before.... If it's a good story anything can be overcome!
But this leads me to another annoying tidbit- Names.
Ah huh, you say. I know where you are going with this- Have you started reading a great book where all of a sudden you are stuck by a pronunciation of a name. AHHHH! It happens to me all the time, once again I have to stop mid read and believe me, I do try to stick with it. But alas, I end up thinking of a name that I can actually say, let alone, understand.
Never the less, once again- due to the book being a compelling story I loved it and kept reading on. I only hope the stories I write, even if they seem perfect and beautiful to me but may not be so to others, will still be compelling enough for the reader to enjoy it.

That being said brings me to the ms I intend on entering the VP comp. Yes, it's getting close. I will get it there on time! But after not looking at it for so long and re-looking over the rejection letter and the last comp comments i have realized the work that it needs.
I'm enjoying the process.
I saw a quote some where on the web once and i shamefully don't know who it was from but it's my motto.

Writing is a process not a product!

Happy Writing everyone.


Rachael Blair said...

I so know what you mean about NAMES!! I hate it when people uses obsure ones, I'm not sure how to pronounce.

Good luck in the VP. I love contests!

Sussan Marz said...

Hi Kerri,

Found you via Amanda Reynold-Smith's blog. Thought I would drop in and say hi.

I agree with you about romantic settings and names! They are quite personal. It would be impossible to please everyone!

Good luck with VP contest! I'm thinking of entering it myself, if I can get my 3 chapters and synopsis polished on time!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hey Kez,
Names, yes we discussed the use of names didn't we? lol.. James aarrkilidudidlll... so frustrating forcing one to pause in their reading. lol

Suz :)

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Hi Kerri - here is the link (pretty big copy and paste number!) to my widget... you can customise to a few different styles (work down the left hand "customise" column... let me know if that helps... I also spent hours and then chanced on this by mistake!¶m_eventDate=08-22-2008¶m_eventTime=21:00¶m_counterStyle=modern¶m_linkUrl=¶m_eventSkin=Sticky%20Note¶m_eventCustomSkin=http://¶m_counterX=0¶m_counterY=0&width=167&height=135