Friday, March 7, 2008

A Word Of Encouragement.

Well how exciting, i got my first two hits the other day. Thank you Rachael and Annie. It makes me feel like it is all worth posting my own blog even though I'm regrettably un-published. (Not for the lack of trying i can assure you!)
Just visiting sites is certainly helpful, there is a great wealth of information from published and un-published writers out there. It took a great pal (hi again, Suz) to encourage me to take the plunge, stop being a chicken and put your name out there.
If you are still considering constructing your own blog, but feel you are technology challenged. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I had a couple of hiccups, and yes i ended up phoning in the infantry to help, but it was all worth the trouble. I'll tell you a secret... i had to delete my whole account- yes, i said whole account, three times. Lol. But i got there.

So, here I am, and my message today is to encourage non blogger's to have a go. If i can do it, so can you!

I received my new Hearts Talk mag yesterday and still have not had the chance to read it all and i need to take the advantage of the rest of the family being peacefully mesmerized by the Simpsons.

Happy writing



Suzanne Brandyn said...

Lol Thanks Kerri,
As I said before there is such vast knowledge to collect on the web. Go to the author sites who write for the line you are targeting. Most of them have articles upon articles of how to. They have been where we are today, and through them, it is the inspiration that keeps us going. Btw, which genre are you targeting? Is it harlequin Modern Extra?
Happy Blogging

Rachael Blair said...

Hey Kez

Am just adding you to my blogroll... hope ya don't mind!