Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's New?

Okay, so it seems that it's official. I am the last female to see the Notebook.

I can hear the gasps and whispers from here.

I know, I know. But I hate sad anything, I like to live with my rose coloured glasses on. That being said, it took a beautiful friend of mine to push me to branch out and experience the delight in this marvelous movie.

Well, I dropped my children off at school, shut all the doors, turned the air-con on and grabbed a box of tissues and curled up on the lounge.

The first part of the movie- the falling in love part- I couldn't stop beaming with delight. Oh, how i wanted that passion. Don't get me wrong, I do have that passion with my husband after 12 years, but I wanted that passion right then- I wanted to be her!
So, from that emotion came the hatred for the mother, man didn't you want to rip her hair out. Then it was her new love, you wanted to hate, but he was too nice. And of course there was the reunion. Yes-sir-ee, it was undeniable , irresistible passion- and I wanted to be her again. When they shared that kiss in the rain, my toes curled.

Now, all through this I understood she had Alzheimer's and yes, I understood he was her husband that she could not remember but at this point in the movie i was starting to doubt myself and my intuition. The question arose in myself- Is the husband Noah? Dumbo! Of course he is!!!

Then unfortunately came the sad part- the end. But at the same time- through my tears- I was surprised to find myself happy in a way. After all, dieing together in your sleep at a ripe old age. I think that's the most lovely way to go, being that we have to go some day.

What do you think?

Another thing I loved about this movie was the structure was a lot like the guideline of a romance novel. Up-down-Up-down continuously until the happily ever after. I was eager to get back to my writing in hopes of achieving an alike greatness. Material that gets girlfriends to urge each other to " You have to read this book" Don't we all want this.

Any way, i best get back to my editing. I want to send my first ms to the VP contest. Eek! I'm getting there though. Wish me good luck.

Happy writing



Rachael Blair said...

I LOVE this movie! BAlled my eyes out at the end as well and felt exactly the same as you the whole way through. In fact, I wanted to put the whole movie in a bottle and carry it around with me all the time.

Good luck in the VP!

Ann said...

I loved the movie too.
And good luck with VP.
About the powerpoint problem email me what you're having trouble with. I will check it out and see where I went wrong.
Regards Annie

Amanda Reynolds-Smith said...

Oh gush gush sigh sigh... The Notebook is the movie I get (along with The Family Stone) when I really need a good cry and a reminder of what it feels like to really live... I LOVE those characters - AND written by a man!!! Go Nicholas Sparks...

I also love A Walk to Remember (which I think is based on his sister)- not as fabulous, but still gut wrenching/tissue needing good!

Very best of luck with VP...!