Monday, March 14, 2011

Five Star Review for Taking Back His Widow

My first official review is just awesome!

The Romance Review just posted the official review of TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW and I couldn't be happier.

It received a five star rating and encouraged readers to dive into the journey of Dean and Liv.

Instead of merely posting the link I'm pasting it for you to read but the links will be at the bottom if you want to check it out in all its glory. lol. Can't you just tell proud I am.

Perfection. TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW is a beautifully written treasure that left me warm inside, hoping I'd never forget the exquisiteness of the journey. Contemporary romance readers, lovers of stories with passion and heart, you really must check this gem out.

What an absolute gift this story was. Thank you so much to Kerri Williams for sharing this tale of lost love found. As anyone with some years behind them can testify, sometimes we aren't prepared to handle life's greatest joys when we are younger, but with age comes the maturity to appreciate what's important in a way you couldn't in your youth.

At 19, Liv and Dean knew what they wanted out of life. They had a plan and it started with a wedding, then would come their years at the university followed by a career as investigative reporters. It was all mapped out.

Until Liv learned she was pregnant.

Eleven years later, Dean is on assignment in a small coastal town in Australia when he hears a familiar haunting voice over the radio. Dashing to the station, his hopes and fears are confirmed as he watches the woman who he'd planned to spend his life with exit the building.

Now Liv must confess that she never ran off and had an abortion as her note implied. Dean is the father of Luke, her ten year old son. Not only that but Liv married the local town hero two short months after fleeing Dean and allowed that man to raise Luke as his own son until he died at sea. She did it for Dean. No. She did it for both of them. Liv knew Dean would join the family company and forgo his dream of traveling the globe and reporting from some of the most dangerous places on the planet. He was the kind of man who would put his family first and his dreams aside.

Now, eleven years later, he is going to find out and the three of them are going to have to make a new plan for the future.

I loved how the son's (Luke) point of view and confusion were so well represented in the story. It just added a whole new dimension that created a family. All the choices seemed real, the emotions so palatable and the energy so tangible. Ms. Williams's writing voice brought to life a coastal community, raging storms, and three people struggling to define what their family is going to be. The way the whole community kept an eye on Dean, making sure Liv wanted him around and making sure he was treating her with respect was charming. All that attention to creating a world I could feel as Liv, Dean and Luke got to know each other added so much to the experience.

The passion is really evident. These two never fell out of love. In fact, discovering that Liv did what she did out of love, so that he could live his dream just made everything that much more intense. Yes, there's anger and hurt feelings and most definitely feelings of betrayal, but under it all is Liv's love for Luke and Dean and Dean's love for Luke and Liv. And eleven years of wanting each other. Missing each other.

When I got to the end, I was ready to move to Australia and enjoy the simple coastal life Liv had built for herself. This really was a beautiful journey. It had highs and lows, just like all of our families' experience. We should be so blessed to know how to cherish the love we have been given as these two learn.

This is a feel good tale of triumph and reunion. The characters seemed real, the writing left goose bumps on my arms, and time just seemed to slip away as I enjoyed Liv and Dean's family reunion. This is definitely one of my Top Picks to check out. Enjoy!

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Eleni Konstantine said...

Congratulations Kerri!! Fantastic review.

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

Thanks Eleni. I'm so proud.