Friday, March 11, 2011

Interview With Karly Blakemore-Mowle / Karly Lane

I’d like to welcome my conference roomie, my bud, Karly Lane- otherwise known as Karly Blakemore-Mowle.

Karly, let’s start off with why you write romance?

I guess because romance can go with pretty much anything! I love a good suspense or action packed NCIS episode as much as the next person, but you throw a dash of romance into any of those genres and you've got something great! And I'm a sucker for a happy ever after. OMG that’s my motto. I can’t read anything unless it has a happy ever after.

Okay, so I know you write different genres like myself but do you have a certain theme or trademark to your stories?

Small towns and the past often find their way into my books. I have a lot of returning to the place where it all began, kind of story lines. I believe Bob Mayer said something like most books will end where they start.

And how do your stories come to life from fiction or fantasy?

(As in where do they come from?)

I usually get an idea for a scene, then I have to work out where the scene came from, who the people are, what they do next, what happened before. Sometimes I get a whole theme and then I have to sit down and jot down everything before I forget! Sometimes inspiration comes from an unhappy conclusion to a show or a movie or something on the news will spark an idea about a story, or the question what if this had happened instead? Me too.

Are you a ‘go with the flow’ writer or do you have structure?

I've tried so many kinds of techniques and honestly, if I read something that tells me it's going to cure all my plotting woes-I'm there, but I usually find myself packing it all away and returning to winging it. I know it makes more sense to have a plan and to know where you're going, but I think I'm just too impatient by nature to sit and do all the plotting before hand. I wish I could be more methodical, but I find it very difficult to remain creative once it's all mapped out in front of me. I have become a lot more organized than I was in the beginning, but I think I'll always be a jump in head first and worry about the problems later, kind of writer. LOL. That is so you.

How do you like your men Karly, prince’s, cowboys, Joe’s? I know a little arrogance and a lot of charm goes a long way for me- not to mention good looks. (grin)

Arrogance, not so much. But a wounded soul with a hidden soft spot is probably my man of choice. Oh I’m a sucker for the tortured soul. Give me Damon Salvatore any day. Under the arrogance and nonchalance smile is a wounded heart that only wants to be loved.

Hmm,, enough about him, back to you

What groups are you affiliated with and how have they helped you through your journey of publication?

I know without the Romance Writers of Australia I wouldn't be where I am today. It was after I joined them, that my writing took off. The networking and support you get through the RWA is priceless.

I also have a local writers group, 4 Points Author Network, which never ceases to blow my mind whenever I think about them! We are so lucky to have the wealth of experience and talent in such a small group. Our members are spread out over such a huge area and travel up to two hours each way just to attend meetings.

I think rural communities are both blessed and cursed by the limited facilities we are able to utilize. Cursed, because it's really hard to get to events and courses that are vital for writers to hone their craft, and blessed because we know how hard it is to get support and quality time with our peers and so members tend to dedicate themselves and appreciate the things we get a lot more. Diddo on RWA, I’d still be dreaming of publication if I hadn’t joined them. As for 4 Points, they are awesome!

Here’s a random one for you, Karly. If you could be one animal, which would it be and why?

A cat. No two ways about it. I'm so there with the cat attitude and prima-donna airs and graces…okay, not at the moment, in this life, but if I were a cat, with an eccentric, rich old lady who adored me and we lived in a fancy apartment, and she bought me a diamond studded collar…is it just me or is this question going somewhere way too weird??? Kerri, what on earth were you on, when you thought of that one?! I said it was random and apparently it’s supposed to tell a lot about a person. LOL.

Now I know you don’t use the word muse but what would you say is your inspiration to write in general and is it scene based?

Having a voice talking to me inside my head does tend to freak me out a little bit! I tend to see my scenes like a movie, the way the characters talk, their expressions, body language and what they say. I also often ask myself what would I do? How would I react in that situation? (if it's something scary, I would usually say RUN! so I have to put on my writers cap and toughen up a bit in those situations!) My husband say’s ‘have a cup of concrete and toughen up Karl’s.’ (Tongue in cheek)

Do you have any tips for other aspiring writers or authors out there?

You've heard it all before- don't give up!

I know, I can hear you saying that's what everyone says! I also know I used to roll my eyes when I read that too, but it's true. It's not easy and it sure as hell isn't always fair-it's an industry that's based on being in the right place, with the right voice and the right editor reading your work on the right day…it's certainly not for the faint of heart. Ooh, I’m a big believer in that. Preach it sister!

So Karly, I think we’ve gotten to know you a little now. How’s about we step it up a notch. Are you panicking? YES! Lol. Do you have any dirty little secrets or confessions you’d like to share with us- what’s on the blog stays on the blog, right guys. (wink)

Umm, not really…actually being a writer you'd think I'd be able to invent something really cool to say here wouldn't you! Ah, yes. Hehe I have been known to move the books of authors I know in front of other books in shops when I am browsing the book department…but we all do that don't we? Or is that just me? I just did it with Fiona Palmer's new release at work. Come on we have to show our support. Ssh, don’t tell my boss,

Where’s your favourite place to write?

I've made a cosy little space to write, I like to call it 'central command' it's in the lounge room, right in the centre of the house, so I can see in all directions—yes kids, I really do have eyes in the back of my head! It may not be peaceful and serene most of the time, but it allows me to write more than I ever would in any other part of the house. Me too, it’s called my lap. (yes I still have one) haha.

Tell us of your releases- where and when can we buy them?

North Star will be available nationally at all good book stores and department stores or online through Allen & Unwin.

My previous releases are all from overseas publishers and can be ordered on their web sites at The Wild Rose Press and Eternal Press, or a link you can find on my website at Don’t worry, I’ll be moving yours up in front at work too.

In one word Karly, how would you best describe yourself? Blessed! Yes you are..

Now that we’re all friends, tell us your most embarrassing moment? Way to lull someone into a false sense of security Kez!...well this one time at band camp….

I actually had an embarrassing moment with my first boss. I was petrified of making an idiot of myself around him. So one day when he perched on the corner of the desk opposite mine and started chatting, I naturally answered him, too shy to actually look him in the eye of course!…the conversation went something like this;

Boss; How are you?

ME: Good thanks

Boss: How was your weekend?

Me: prattling on with whatever incredibly interesting thing I would done at 17!

Boss: Did you remember to pick up the dog from the vet?

Me: ?????????? (first inkling something was NOT right)… then looks up to see the boss talking to HIS WIFE on the phone….. not one of my finer moments! Nothing like having a rambling one sided conversation in front of the boss…. Bwahaha, that’s just too funny.

Do you have any upcoming signings or author appearances you would like to share?

I'm going to be at the ARRA conference in March at Bondi, with a special early release of North Star, which I can't wait for. Wish I was there but I’ll get a copy signed anyway because I’m the bestest roomie.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us Karly before we read about your upcoming release, North Star.

I just hope you enjoy Kate's story in North Star and feel free to stop by my face book page to say hi.

Thanks for having me Kez, and big congratulations on Taking Back his Widow- If you haven't read it, you really should! Oh, thanks Karls. And thank you for baring all today. (Okay, maybe not all) It was a fun interview.



Rachael Johns said...

Thanks Kez for having Karly and Karly for being so generous with your info. Felt like a good old chat between friends. I personally am hanging out to read North Star - sounds right up my alley.
And I'll keep plodding on as you said :)

Alissa said...

Hi Karly! *Waving* I love what you said about your writing "process". I'm a pantster at heart too, and I laughed out loud when you said you'd tried to get organized and follow the "proven" methods for plotting and whatnot. For pantsters at heart, that stuff just don't fly!

Best of luck with NORTH STAR. I saw the picture of your box full of books on Facebook. :-) You must be so excited! I'm excited for you too.

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Hi Rachael and Alissa! Kez does a fun interview :)
I was really happy with the way North Star turned out, now has a special place in my heart. Hope you like it Rachael! and Alissa, I tried to get organised...but it's just not going to happen!

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Thanks for hosting me Kez!

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

You're an awesome guest, it's a pleasure!

lheidke said...

Great post! Thanks Kerri and Karly.
Love reading blogs like this one where we get a real insight into personalities!! (Yes, I'd be a cat, too!)
Karly, I was nodding as I was reading about you being too impatient to plot and plan. I'm the same.
Can't wait to catch up at the ARRA Conf in a couple of weeks and exciting about getting my hands on a copy of North Star!

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

HI Lisa! So excited about ARRA! Glad to know there are others out there who make it up as they go!
see you in a few weeks!

jenn j mcleod said...

LOL You guys crack me up. That has to be the best intervoew i've ever read. I laughed and laughed good luaghs KBM!!!!) Especially about the boss. I'm sure looking forward to our 4Points meeting so we can drink...errrr.....toast! (Not happy about the cat thing though!!!!

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Oh sure Jenn, laugh at my expense!!! I can't wait for 4 pans either- how lovely we didn't have to wait a whole month to catch up this time! I think I might like this fortnight excuse to drink and eat and laugh... oh and talk writing of course!!!
see ya next week!

Serena said...

Hi Karly,
What a great interview (thanks, Kerri!!) Loved learning a bit more about you. I'm a panster myself and tried the plotting thingy but felt I'd already written the book, so the MS lies unfinished somehow on my hard drive.

Good luck with the sale of North Star - I'm sure you'll sell a squillion!!

Karlene Blakemore-Mowle said...

Oh Serena, a squillion book sales would be fantabulous! I could buy that private jet- drop down and have a coffee with you whenever I felt like it...hire someone to do my housework....feed my husband, kids, dog and chooks....lets keep our fingers crossed!!!! :D Thanks for dropping by!