Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Blame Abbi Glines & Karlene Blakemore-Mowle

When I should be editing and writing the third book of my YA series currently sitting on Penguins desk for approval I'm actually being a tad naughty and giving into my weakness for great reads.
The first week of August was spent with characters from Abbi Glines and Karlene Blakemore-Mowles books.

                        Firstly, I know I'm behind the proverbial 8 ball with Abbi's books:

The Vincent Boys is part 1 of a two book series and I must say I was addicted from go. Ash and Beau were a hot young couple who I fell in love with so easily.
Another one of those stories where you can't help but be in love with the two boys at once and yet Abbi was clever with her craft because you don't want to slap Ashton  for not making a choice you approve of and you understand where she is coming from.
I have a thing for the tortured soul so of course Beau had me right from the moment he blinked and he deserves the love of his life and hell... I don't know what to say other than they needed each other end of story.

The Vincent Brothers of course is part two and I will warn you now that when you finish one you WILL buy two. Abbi has not let us down in the heat or love catagory with part two and has thrown quite a spin on the story.
Sawyer all heart broken begins to fall for Ashton's cousin, the made over, sexy Lana and boy oh boy does he fall. I LOVED Sawyer in this book, it shows the real him and actually the real Ash too.
I don't feel as though Sawyer lost out after all and I found myself recalling my youthful days at the beach and parties when I first met my husband and the confusion and insecurities excitement in a relationship that was so quickly fevered and new.
Thank you Abbi and I have become one heck of a fan.

Next is Karl's book- The Cottage By The Lake.

This author continues to surprise me with the gist to write different genres. I am a massive fan of her OPERATION SUMMER STORM series and so I happily took the leap when she wrote a fantasy novel.
Now, I will warn you that the editing had something to anser for and I had contacted her about this. Karly is very disappointed in the editing of this novel, her gallery edits did NOT have the mistakes that have been published so please bare this in mind when reading. BUT it also didn't tear me from the story of Lucy and Burk...mmmm, Burk.
I read anxiously to find out if what I suspected was true and loved the turn of events and time this book took me. This is a Once Upon A Time meets A Knights Tale and I loved it and wonder if I would enjoy the fantasy genre in general, so thank you Karly for opening me up to new reads.

So as you can see, I had a busy week and although I should feel guilty I actually feel like reading more. Eeek. It's definitely the weather for it here as I sit under my duvet and will myself not to turn the heater on yet after getting my $600.00 electricity bill and currently out of wood.
Sigh, I think I need to go read something to cheer me up. 
Bahahaha, do you see how this works ;)
Happy reading and writing

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