Monday, August 27, 2012

Karin Slaughter Interview- I asked and she answered!

Have you ever had the chance to chat to your favourite author?
Well a couple of weeks ago I was so damn lucky to be invited to a Q&A with one of my all time favs~KARIN SLAUGHTER! 
This woman knows how to rock your world and I'm not talking sex~although there's a little action there~ so get your minds out of the gutter- I'm talking about shake in shock until your bones hurt, cry your eyes out three books after one of the main characters have died, ignore your kids so you can read the next chapter. This woman knows her shit when it comes to engrossing the reader.

Okay, now that I have filled you in on her ability, let's get on with the Q&A part of this blog. 
When I got the email I said to my hubby that I didn't want to ask her the same questions they all ask, no I wanted to be different. pft.
Most ask if Slaughter is her real name- amazingly it is. Spooky huh!
They ask about Jeffrey and why she killed him off since we all LOVE him- I know why because she wrote a letter to her readers and I get her reasoning not to mention she has now softened that blow with Will. 
Sarah needed to leave her small town to progress the series and she wouldn't if Jeffrey was still there, after all if anything else happened in that town the community would leave-I would.

There were all these questions and more and I wanted to know things like How she keeps her timeline on track, I'm fond of books with character divisions and when totally stuffed, butchers paper -lots and lots of butchers paper.

I wanted to know where she thinks of her stories- apparently Georgians would know you spend a lot of time in traffic possibly thinking about how to kill. -That made me laugh which also answered one of my other questions. Where do you write? lap, office wherever you can? 
It was quite nice to see she was just like any of us and her mind did what it did best and allowed her to drive on auto-pilot while we thought of out next plot/scene outline.

I love how down to earth and open she is when speaking about her writing and personality traits, or others as it happens 'quote'  " As a matter of fact, almost every crime writer I know is pretty laid back and nice. Michael Connelly is a big teddy bear. Denise Mina is hilarious. Lisa Gardner is a sweetheart. Lee Child is one of the most tenderhearted, gentle men I know. Mo Hayder is...well, okay, she's an exception. And Gillian Flynn will cut you as soon as look at you, but that's another story."
Gosh dang, I love her. LOL.

And do you want to know what I love most about Karin? She took the time out of her busy schedule to read our questions and answer them honestly. Not many would do this for readers and authors.
Karin you're an inspiration and one hell of an awesome thriller author!

For those who have never read Karin's work, I suggest you give it a go because you're missing out. Here's her website where you will find more titles than shown.
Get reading!


Karin said...

I've always wanted to read her books. Just because she had such a cool first name ;) But thanks to your blog I will have to definitely have a read of her books.

Kerri Williams said...

Karin ;) you'll love them!
Thanks for popping over