Monday, August 20, 2012

Johns River School reading and Q&A for Book Week

 Today I had the privilege to be asked to read to all the children of Johns River Public School for Book Week followed by a Q&A.
I read the 190 year old 'The House That Jack Built' and thankfully they loved it just as much as my babies did.
The Q&A was amazing, these kids asked better questions than most people at my author chats and as it turned out, there are three budding authors in the making at the age of twelve. TWELVE!
It was fantastic and then the principal asked if I wouldn't mind spending time with the ones who were interested in more information during recess in the oval, of course I was interested.
I ended up spending over an hour with my daughter and two exceptional young girls with amazing imaginations and found myself jealous. LOL. I was jealous that they had such amazing stories and minds at such a young age.
These girls and I ran through ideas and they told me about the books they had already started and we brainstormed- holy bat crap- brainstorming with twelve year old budding authors was so much fun and inspiring, yes, inspiring!
I know that these two girls will be famous one day and I'm going to beam with pride when they do.
Thank you Johns River students and thank you to the girls who shared their dreams with me, I feel so privileged to have spent this time with you and it felt good to share what I've learnt. It's our excitement, knowledge that inspire others. 

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