Friday, November 30, 2012

Australian V's American words & editing

A quicky today.
This is a glimpse at a blog I would love to do, but never have the time. 
It's on the list!
Was chatting to a fantastic editor about Heart For Justice and we came across some words I use that aren't familiar in America in which I need to look for in the future.
They're simple and yet for readers would jar them from the story.
Words such as...
spanner = wrench
tomato sauce = ketchup
boot = trunk
windscreen = windshield
jumper = sweater
singlet = wife beater (that one blows me away)

and the list would go on I guess, so I have decided I'm going to find a dictionary or freaking make one. LOL

Okay, well I'm off to work (day jobs- meh) and I'll catch you later.
Told you it was a quicky!
Happy reading and writing


Kim Richards said...

I hate the term 'wife beater'. I prefer to use 'muscle shirt'. The other one I've noticed is an escalator (the automated stairwells in the mall). I know y'all have a different word for that one too. Hm...maybe it's us who has the different word. ;D

Kerri Williams said...

LOL, we use escalator. Hold on I'm going to google it to see if you have something different......
We both use it and it was actually an american invention, so there ya go. We both have learnt something.