Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Balance act of writing and life-what a joke

Well, this is a personal topic for me because I actually get asked it more than anything else and my normal answer is 'You just find the time'.
I laugh my freakin ass off now because normally my day job takes me away from home for six hours per day and then, yes, I have house work, wifey and mummy duties, but it has always seemed quite doable.
Of course it's, because I have sweet hours to work by unlike others who have what my hubby jokes (a real job) don't worry, he cops a look when he uses that term. 
I lived/worked with rose coloured glasses on and they are now broken.
 I've seen and experienced the depths of a real job hour workload and realise how much it sucked the life out of me and everything I took for granted (like my brain) is too damn tired to type a bloody word.
It sucked ass big time!
I was starting at 5 or 6am and finishing at 3,5 and 6pm. Some of you may think I'm still being a big winge, but it was killing me man! LOL
This is completely weird since it's nothing for me to read almost through the night or write and be able to work the next day. (This happens often)
But this week I couldn't even answer my emails. I signed up for four blogs and then promptly either forgot what they were about or simply that I had actually signed up for one.
What the hell?
So, this week I am getting better and I am beginning to balance on this tightrope of time and life in hopes to write because I'm busting to do so.
I now have a new appreciation for those who have a full time job that's demanding and yet you come home do your other obligations and still write and read your little hearts out. Kudos to you all you awesome peeps.
Any way, while I have some brain function left, I'm off to get some preparation done for book #2 in The Moore Justice Trilogy- Heart For Justice. 
I cannot believe it's out in less than a month.
Happy Reading and writing
<3 Kez 

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