Sunday, May 27, 2012

50k in 30 Days Challenge, I'm in! (trouble that is)

This will be me by the end of June!

No seriously other then my manic state, 50k in 30 days is a fun month where you are not alone in your goal to get some words down. It's humorously competitive, supportive and constructive-what more could you ask for. (wine, coffee-lots and lots of coffee and chocolate)
I actually wrote Nudging Cupid in this challenge a couple of years ago and I am hoping I will finish book two of my YA trilogy.
So if you're in need of some friendly motivation, why not join in.
Happy writing and reading.


Heather Boyd said...

Oh that little movie is too funny. I could be that way myself by the end of June. Good luck with the challenge!

Kerri Williams said...

Lol thanks heather