Thursday, May 31, 2012

And the race begins with 50k in 30day challenge (in 30min)

And the race begins!
(in 30minutes. lol)
I've taken the plunge once again and put my hand up for the whole 50k which means if my trusty calculator is correct because there is no way in hell I would rely on my brain but it means that I have to write... let me see. (using it now) What the heck? It says I have to write 1,666.66667 words a day. how do I get the .66667 words?
Alright, maths is quite obviously NOT my strong suit so let's move on. I will target 1,667 words per day and by the 30 days I should have... wait let me type it in...50,010.
I'm cool with that.
So, I have decided that although I just started my second book in my YA series (yet to pitch at conf to Penguin this year) This month will give it one hell of a mighty boost.
I'm in search of a widget thet will help keep track of what I'm up to and I will be blogging as I go. 
What I am going to find truly, infuriatingly, hard is that I can't relax and read for the whole month, The whole freaking month! I have read five books in the last four days to make up for it. lol.
Anyway, there are many of us out there and I must wish us all good luck and during the course we will all drop by out blogs, fb, twitter etc to spur each other on. Bring it sisters!!!!!
Chat soon.
Happy reading and writing


Kerri Williams said...

day 1 and i have done 1,688. Whoohoo.

Kerri Williams said...

day two-2,642. Holly smokes is what I said when I finished that run.
day three- 2,782. Ahhh what the...

I'm on fire.

Now day four- let's see what that brings shall we- now that I have jinxed myself.